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picture picture picture 5 Jun 2014 @ 18:40, by Heiner Benking

but also including movers and shakers along and across scales .. to make a difference

relevant - oven - out of the box - great crowed
We met in the CANADIAN EMBASSY yesterday and will continue tomorrow. PROGRAMME: [link]

check more tomorow and check the TWEETS...

THE HIGHLIGHT SO FAR: Khalid Koser, Geneva
Only talking to him for a while after his keynote was worth the efforts! amd most fruiteful. So let us see.

The Big Debate: Beautiful Game? Or Racist Quagmire?}
Yesterdays session so close to Rio resonnated with many of us long into the evening.
The Big Debate: Beautiful Game? Or Racist Quagmire?

We talked about the difference of Football WorldCubs and Olympic Games. Comparisons to the Roman Circus came up and I rembered that the Delphi Games and PreIslamic games of the Arts were assemblies without winners and loosers. Souk al Ukaz *****
I also mentioned groupthink, clanthink and spreadthink - that we need Unity in Diversity - I recommend to revisit the Axioms to secure successful Dialogues. Warfield with his Spreadthink versus Clanthink: [link] and Christakis and his "AXIOMS": RequisiteVariety, Ashby - Requisite Parisomony, Miller, Warfield - Requisite Saliency, Boulding - Requisite Meaning, Peirce - Requisite Autonomy of Distinction Making, Tsivacou - Requisite Evolution of Observation, Dye - ... check: [link] and

Today, Friday
Professor, Psychology, Harvard University; Co-Author, Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People, see my tweet: Blind-spots & -frames, Biases... @Banaji #citiesmigration2014 again re group-think and appearance & assumptions. goto [link]

I am exhilerated, such people of such a great, deep alive "callibre" - all my points have been like my Seeds of Change fallen on interested "grounds". I exchange intensively and later made an offer, my my next meeting appointment from Bristol, Martin Person, he works on APPEARANCE RESEARCH and we team up re: NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE RESEARCH. check this blog below ( a month ago ): [link]

there are so many commons if we see minorities, have-nots of all: capabilities, abilities, competences, capacities, access,... we should really look like Mahzarin Banaji into the Biases and Fixations, known and unknown....

Now we attend MIGRATION: MYTHS and MESSAGES. All panelists can really relate "out-of-the box" - I am happy and lucky to be here at such an high calibre meeting of dedicated people, people look into empowering the "non-gifted"...

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