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 Umweltfestival & Brandenburg & DMY / Creative Spaces / Augmented Models
picture picture picture picture picture picture 1 Jun 2014 @ 06:30, by Heiner Benking

what a weekend
Since 19 years we have the Environment Festival [link] - I just posted: next year: 20 years Festival and 25 years GLOBAL CHANGE - see below 24th anniversary.
after the opening I will go the DMY Brandenburg Programme [link] to check the creative links between the Metropol Region Berlin Brandenburg und the Rural... check the programme:

many talk here about Design Thinking, but maybe we should revisit Gestaltung...

check out the Programme of the Brandenburg Day
at DMY and the Design Week:

and enjoy the public in the sun ... and go for RE MAKINGing ! and check the design exhibition / competition: [link]

I only peaked at Brandenburg Gate because the themes this afternoon here are DMY are very close to me and challenging. I am so thrilled that after 20+years some designers and architects (at least) are ready for new frontiers without loosing touch with "old thinking" and good practices in the exact and fine arts".


I am attending all the presentations today as MOOCs (X and C) and now about Spaces for Innovation - creative spaces - are dear to what we discussed long ago: Augmented Spaces - Real and Virtual Spaces - integrating Signs in Supersigns,... is very dear to me. (I WILL ADD LINKS LATER.....

as I have promised to cover these 2 books I found yesterday - at
I discovered these books and have been excited ! I was searching for something like this from the Design perspective for years. So here they come: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Why not use modeling for scale modelling? A simple question? Well we have forgotten the real thing: basic education the first 10 years ! We think spatial not spacial, are nominalists and egomanic, I recommend all the papers in DIALOG AND LEARNING from 2004 **** and want to highlight the "Augmeting" paper with Silvia Austerlic. Maybe also check again Modelle und Modelldenken im Unterricht - Modell-Thinking in Education (Herbert Stachowiak).

Out Now: Model Making - Frame › News
Apr 28, 2014 - Model Making, the latest book by Frame Publishers, is now available! Aimed at students of spatial disciplines and those interested in the ...

Industry of Nature - Frame › Books
Industry of Nature describes 75 strategies that nature has developed in ... 6 December 2011; Frame Publishers; Directed by Élodie Ternaux, matériO; Graphic .

I even found this on CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAMS and knew, this is a hot place to revisit.

Further Readings:
We presented the use of such spaces or models or how you want to call it in a contribution 2004 for INST_TUAC *****
and roots go back to AIZU ****
and I might need to add here AVI with Kim Veltman ****** and the IIID and creativity and Cognition exercises. But I feel a shortcut would be to go to SUPERSIGNS and SUPERSTRUCTURES - ICSU_CODATA_MIST presentation: ********

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