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 Governance: Moving Forward? - the Futures of such (European) Projects
picture picture picture 27 May 2014 @ 12:25, by Heiner Benking

2 days after the European election, very timely there is the May 28-29 International Symposium of a very high level. Check Governance in Europe: Taking Stock for Moving Forward
Governance in Europe: Taking Stock for Moving Forward
Programme:. [link]
goto: #EUweek14

I am presenty in the Dead End or New Vigour? Minister Schäuble speaking up.
For me the morning session: Elections in Perspecctive was really rewarding as I got my pitch about "Liquid versus Living Democracy" ****** as they mentioned Deep Democracy and Deliberative Polling and Hermann Schmitt, University Manchester and from Mannheim summerized the outcomes of the deliberative efforts as have no or little results on the outcomes.
Well I could not resist to speak up as a rep from the Council on Global Issues [link] and Associate of the 21stCenturyAgora group [link] or call it alliance. I asked if the Global Agoras Deliberative Dialogues (Structures Dialogic Design Process - SDDP), also used around Multi-track Diplomacy and Peacemaking were known to the Panel and if the Errornous Priority Effect (EPE) (Kevin Dye). Top people - aware of the exercises in trouble not only in Greece. ***** I need to transcribe - so meanwhile check GLOBAL AGORAS [link] and AXIOMS for success: [link] Note the first requisites: like Requisite Variety, Parsimony, Saliency, .... (8 Axioms to take note!! ) and all the ohter "musts" for successful implementations and maybe the recently published Collecting and Connective Dots, Space, Mindsets, Frames:

- but I also need to talk to these interesting group celebrating 10 years Hertie School of Governance.

So please come back soon ! As now hear about deliberation behind closed doors ***** hear hear - and the stratement earlier - "delibearations have no effects" really need to be revisited ! I have to rush as this is tweeted !!

Participants asked to have links and details. See [More]

I mentioned in the exchanges the side event in the making for the UN High Level side-event in early July we are preparing around the ECOSOC DPI and COMMONS/SNTHESIS groups. see Foundations Days - about positions, views, values, risks: NGOs, SIGs & GIGs ! [link] (also mentioned in the SIGs GIGs link above !!

I also mentioned in teh lunch-break often our CONSULTAIVE COOKBOOK - I was heavily involved 20 years ago [link] and summed up for Robert Jungks 80the birthday celebrations in Graz 1993: check

I feel after all this efforts we need to walk the talk AND some academics and practritionere need to read outside their "field". See GIGs GLOBAL INTERESTS GFROUPS in the right column of this blog and above: Foundations Days - about positions, views, values, risks: NGOs, SIGs & GIGs! [link]

And the new book of Yehezkel Dror Avant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch(see below) and his "old book" CAPACITY TO GOVERN we introduced here nearly 20 years ago ..... Yehezkel answered many of the concerns around governance raised here. See [link]

Here some food to read while waiting:
Avant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch

by Yehezkel Dror (Author) April 2014 Kindle May 2014

In this iconoclastic book, Dror argues that humanity cascades through a metamorphosis, driven mainly by science and technology. Radical human enhancement, synthesis of viruses, quasi-intelligent robots and molecular engineering illustrate the emerging quantum leap, as do value changes ranging between mass-killing fanaticisms to human “maturation.” Along with the windfall of opportunities for thriving that the emerging epoch offers, dangers of calamities, including the demise of humanity, require thinking in terms of raison d’humanité, a powerful Global Authority and new modes of human existence. Dror argues that a new approach to political leadership is the key to the future of humanity amidst these monumental changes. Our current political leaders are inadequate: new, avant-garde politicians are required to cope with the fateful challenges that lie ahead. Avant-Garde Politician offers a thorough overview of the changing human condition. The author proposes innovative human survival and thriving imperatives, a Global Humanity Constitutions establishing a decisive global regime, and some radical value changes – including the addition of duties to human rights. He also suggests novel approaches to composing humanity-craft, such as regulating science and technology. And specifies the qualities required from avant-garde politicians together with ways to acquire them. Based on multiple academic disciplines combined with extensive personal experience of the author in “hot corridors” of power worldwide, this book will be of interest to leaders, policy advisors, scholars, scientists, students, and all concerned about the future of humanity.

Over nearly 40 years the Policy Studies Organization has published more than 300 books in partnership with a number of leading companies, including Macmillan, Lexington, and Gale. We have started our own imprint and book-publishing program, Westphalia Press. Our goal is to develop a general list that will include original titles as well as reprints of antiquarian books of interest in an entire range of subjects. We believe there is much valuable scholarship out there that deserves to be shared more widely and effectively, useful in teaching and research.


Oh I also talked about Leonardo 3.4.5 have to team without cheiftains and indians only, how to give space to everyboy in the circle, space, or around the square...
See this presentaions from 2 weeks ago: I did around INBAK and ONE Technologies (Christa Muth) ***

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