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 look back - think forward ! - EUROPE 14 - History Campus
picture picture 11 May 2014 @ 10:32, by Heiner Benking

HistoryCampus - LOOK BACK, THINK FORWARD !, May 7-11 europe-1414

500+ young people from all around Europe with an interest in history, futures, politics,... make us aware of very unusual references to historical and current topics. They party and negortiate and worked hard for days in a high spirit. I enjoyed hanging around, lurking and dancing a little ...
Check out the whole programme, outcomes, documentation, a sign of hope towards living in Europe and the World.

I asked if someone has heard about the SYNCHRONOPTIC WORLD HISTORY by Arno Peters and shared this link to this EARTH FOCUS FOUNDATION event in 2011: See Digital Peters some were also interested in Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Ritter when I showed them the Picture of Alexander von Humboldt and Simon Bolivar when we moved over to the "Cum Laude" Restaurant outside in the Humboldt University. Highly recommended ! to walk around a little outside the MAXIM GORKI Theater.

Before I forgot. This was the highlight, an interesting announcement !! Check FRIDAY IN VENICE - A Transmedia Speculation about a Possible Europe as initiated by Michael Schindhelm and a group of European artists unfolding the story of the fictional traveller Friday exploring the continent from the pre-election Strasbourg to the Venice of the Architectural Biennale. Check the deabates and later the forthcomming book.

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