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 EuroboXX kick-off in Berlin
picture picture picture picture picture picture 5 May 2014 @ 11:54, by Heiner Benking

Here you find impression of the EuroboXX in the making. Pictures are from the GARAGE-SHOP of INBAK where the EuroboXX's was painted by vocational training students and Joy Lohmann, a designer/artist/activist from Hanover. [link]
Joy is co-founder of Positive Nett-Works e.V. in Hanover and Berlin. [link]

The EuroboXX will be introduced to the public at the Pariser Platz / Brandenburg Gate, May 9th at the EUROPA DAY. SEE Box, ready for the road: [link] For more and also check the NEW RUNDSCHAU: and the official sites: [link]

This Vocational Training and artistic spray-painting exercise is not only to address social, educational, environmental, cultural, economic aspects, but look into health and how live together, share, care and dare. Last week discussed broad issues about youth and health, drop-out rates in schools, and how we survive the impact of new media and the rapid change the new generations face in modern times. See my presentation last week on NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE and how bring community centres, health and social matters into new project designs and the public.
Rushing ... maybe see above in this blog.

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