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 Negative Body Image - GRUNDTVIG exercise
3 May 2014 @ 07:22, by Heiner Benking

what a great and important and group, all dedicated, responsible and caring partners in our research effort about Negative Body Images !
I learned about this only 3 month ago and decided only last week to come to Starvanger to represent INBAK. Here is my introduction "pitch" Pls. request more and see our EuroboXX next week.

Most rewarding was the presentation from:Martin Persson, University of the West of England,Bristol

come back as I feel this is important for not only yound people and general Health, Happiness and Serenity, but Survival of Societies !

by the way ! I met that guy in the street ! frightening - I will report more about this extrordinary trip as it was soo long that I did not make it to Norway, and by-the-way I like the boats and the Sea !

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