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 Environmental and Economic Futures: Germany, China & the "rest"...
picture picture 22 Apr 2014 @ 16:22, by Heiner Benking

I am despreate heraring the news the last days: Auto China 2014

For example: Voice of America - Chinese premier meets German vice chancellor [link]
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with visiting German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel here on ...

Leading automakers are gathering in Beijing for the kickoff of China’s biggest car show, but lacklustre growth and environmental restrictions in the world’s largest car market have thrown uncertainty into the mix. More than 1,100 vehicles are being showcased at the auto show, which opens to the public on April 21.
Read more: [link]
only check these pictures !! [link]

I am desperate, China urges to make a difference, as we did 22 year ago in Beijing, with a lot of UN Stateplanners. I was there to attend and to paricipate in in the ISCU-CODATA before this very crucial gathering of concerned planners who where asked and heard by "highest polical levels". I will get the programme in the BEIJING HOTEL and pictures -- just come back !
The person who incvited such high-callibre "concerned planners" was HUALIN GUO, head of the BEijing Business and Technology Transfer Center. He late visited me in the Acadamy of Sciences Guesthouse, we were friends, but trhe tracks got lost, as he could not come to Robert Jungks 80th birthday cwelebrations we tried to organize in GRAZ - See ÖKO-CITY GRAZ 1993.

This is so long ago - and so much was lost during the last 20 years. I just came across Dennis Meadow's we did not learn anything the last 30 years, but who is wondering why ! and making a difference that matters?

But lets get why I am getting so "mad" !!
China was providing all resources and possibilities for such a BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY Transfer Center to negotiate and help the transfer solutions in the fields of Buildiungs, Transportation, Distribution and Supply (of not only waste and drinking water) - what a mandate !!
Hualin Guo - in my eyes - did not make it ! Why ?? He had as his task and mandate to look for long view, big picture

Two years later I did - then after Rio '92 - a keynote on "COMMON FRAMES OF REFERENCES" who is ready for this and open our "horizons"! ??
The year before I presented "OUR VIEW OF LIFE IS TOO FLAT" in Turku at the WFSF.
But who is into alternatives and alterantives and WHO cares about the context?

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