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 Foundations Week Berlin & The Oloid (Paul SCHATZ Foundation)
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 10 Apr 2014 @ 07:56, by Heiner Benking

With the Foundations Week - Berlin has a annual unique event - a gargantuan effort to present the work of foundations and involve the people. The title this week is "Vom Leben in der Stadt" - "About Urban Life"

TO MAKE ENGAGEMENT VISIBLE. Check the programm with hundreds of events of high calibre. As there is no English website, you might to use auto-translate to focus on any issue of interest: [link]

I can not report but one unique event in the Swiss Embassy [link] and there a unique Foundation, the Paul Schatz Foundation to support Future Technologies caught my interest. [link] - check also: [link]

Learning about the oloid, as a man-made object, a device, a harmonious man-object, was quite a surprise for me. We call such a form "Handschmeichler" - but maybe it is also a "Mind-Schmeichler" - see the images, imagine the form and where it could "matter". I was reminded of surprise solutions, not just foot-prints, but handprints and mindprints [link] and so many new more applications for fabrication of surprises, an example or "inventing" news and transforming them into practical solutions.
As yoju know, I was deep into infographics **** and 3d (flatlands-deeplands 3d-9d) and how to create, invent and design, this topic is very very important even thrilling for me, see also: Gestaltung Mind Architectures 1997 *****
So to learn about the Oloid at the Swizz Foundations meeting in the Swiss Embassy was the highlight of these 10 days.
Behind is an artefact created by Schatz which has implications in the field of ARTS, DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, and if you look deeper into ENWIRONMENT, AESTHETICS, even AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS.
I see only one English publication, THE STUDY OF RYTHMS AND TECHNOLOGY. It is hard to find words for new concepts. So for example they had to create the world eevertible - not or enfolding / infolding ! - for the German word: "Umstülpung". I cite a litle from it or maybe make a picture of that para. *****
The Subtitle of the book is: THE EVERTIBLE CUBE - POLYSOMATIC FORM-FINDING [link] - this is the "bible" : Paul Schatz Architektur und Umstülpung - Studien zum organisch-dynamischen Raumbewusstsein. buy it ! its a deal! (but in German) As I was much into "langaging" or translation challenges, see spatial versus spacial and other such subtle differences, So I believe you like the Translation note about Evertible and Enfolding

For me it is also an example of CRAFTSMANSHIP and CREATIVITY or even CREATION of something new, unexpected and useful and LAST NOT LEAST how to use 3-dimensional Gestaltung und ANSCHAUUNG. Using such bigbeuphoric words, I can not resist to lead to and essay called: Show or Schau? and this piece for the Jean Gebser Society in 2001. Worldly Expressions of the Integral - Concreteness in Integral Worlds

As you can see the FoundationsWeek was exactly about this: Making Engagement Visible: - ENGAGEMENT SICHTBAR MACHEN / Berlin soll wieder Hauptstadt der Stiftungen werden!

Excerpt from website ! - needs translation [link]
Dies ist eines der Ziele der seit 2010 jährlich stattfindenden Berliner Stiftungswoche. Gemeinsam stellen die Stiftungen an elf aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen ihre Arbeit den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern vor. Dort, wo Stiftungen wirken: an unzähligen Orten in der Stadt. Mitten im Leben. Als unverzichtbarer Anker der Zivilgesellschaft.

Vom 1. bis 11. April 2014 findet die Berliner Stiftungswoche statt. Mehr zum diesjährigen Schwerpunktthema "Vom Leben in der Stadt" erfahren Sie hier. [link]

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