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 Living Together & Green Storytelling !?
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this is a very special report of events only available in German. One is an event and fair of a very special Special Interests Group (SIG) the other a strategy and search event of a political party searching for its identity, visions, and actions in times of change....

Today is the third day of the fair and congress: Living Together. It is about: rehabilitation -care - mobility. Miteineander Leben [link]
I covered the UN Convention on Inclusion and other central societal challenges in this blog, but this gathering is different, unique, down to earth and real. What means exclusion and how can people with wide ranges of handicaps can survive and live together. What a theme and challenge !
Me, I am on service on the booth at an association called ALS-mobil e.V. and having done events facilotstion for patients in coma at Intense Care Hospitals bringing together patients, doctors, sisters, family, priests and others in OPEN SPACE environments, searching ways to communicate and develop more understanding and compassion Link ***** You see I am not an observer and facilitator on the matter but was also asked to support an ALS patient, Angela Jansen, I have learned to know about only 10 years ago. Heard that Steven HAWKINGS has ALS, but had no clue what that means for individuals, families, communities, society.
Angela is founding chair of ALS-mobil and as we did some support and events for that non-profit over the years. We did before this non-profit was founded a virtual keynote in 2006, Angela in her bed in Berlin deliveting a key-note in Turin for an international conference called COGAIN, where system to communicate with your eyes typing !! on the screen - patients who can only focus with their eyes, unable to move any muscle or breath !
Steve Hawkins an the painter Immendorf have ALS, but how widely such civilizational deseases is wider spreading, but invisible - not in the public eye....
Patients are even looked-in !
See this recent event where Birnbaumer received a ptize for mind/brain interfaces, and see this brain-painting "Live Art Exhibition" See Angelas presentation in Rostock last year ***** and the coverage by National and French and Austrian Television in the News. ****
Unfortunately the website of ALS-mobil is down, but as my journalistic collegue in Open-Forum as part of Positive Nett-Works e.V. is a friend of Angela and Board Member and fo-founder which did over the years the communication, and parts of many events and media presentations.
See her websites with many articles in many print media, some in English: [link]

Green Storytelling and the Green Party' legacy (in Germany for 20+ years)
The search for a Green Story is a challenging undertaking. I asked from the floor twice: what else do we need additional to Stories and Images, do we need Maps and Models, Frames ... *****
or is after the Icon after Story the next PlasticWord... ****
How to create lasting and tangible visions that matter and become real and serving ! common goals.

The Workshop on democratic approaches was most interestging - one break-out session since years I attended from the beginning to the end ! I was happy to be around.
Check the report by BÖll and come back as this was really a thrilling and deep event with very interesting participants !

heck the video stream and the full programme and come back for more at: [link] and the opening/introduction by Ralph Fücks [link]

I really wonder if finding or inventing/creating a new story, or new images and icons is enough! That we need to create and use shared maps, models and frames, embody them and immerse into them, learn to negotiate the old and new terrains. ADD Wisdom of the Brahmins....

Manu, Harun Al Rashid Story ***

check the video stream and the full programme and come back for more at: [link]

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