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picture picture picture picture 31 Jan 2014 @ 18:35, by Heiner Benking

Getting a little dizzy when getting a glimps of what is going on in Berlin in 2 days?
I understand, I am fully with you !

But as there are a few hundred readers of this blog every day, I will continue also this years opeening doors, building bridges, negotiating frames of references.

Lets start with the Inaugural Meeting of the UN Scientific Advisory Board of the Secretary General of the UN:

UN Scientific Advisory Board‎
UN Scientific Advisory Board will convene for the first time – in Berlin. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a new body created by UN Secretary-General Ban ... the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Commission for UNESCO.

MORE and Impressions and Thoughts to follow...


Next is Transmediale - same procedure as every year This year of much interest to me as metaphors of space- and geo-metaphors like layers, intersections, tresholds, permeability find a "real" place, congrats...
the title "AFTERGLOW" leaves space for time and latency, so lets check later... meanwhile see: [link]

maybe also check the McLuhan Programme: [link]


Allianz Foundation - Stifterverband - Schering Foundation
Welches Wissen zählt? | Schering Stiftung
06.01.2014 - Schering Foundation. About Us · Activities ... Januar 2014, 18:30 – 20:30 Uhr im Allianz Forum am Pariser Platz. quadriga-debatten_logo ...

It was good to chat with Peter Raue und Gerhard Roth, forging old threads and new alliances,.... more later ...

This is an aesthetic and pragmatic, relevant "top of the cream" today and tomorrow about participation and intervention, and where to intervene and avoid infliction.... I am at awe old and new names come up, I wish I would haves some more time for empowerment and performance. Check:

The first international conference of the European Research Council's project The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre will explore interdisciplinary possibilities for ...

Applied Drama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎Diese Seite übersetzen
Applied Drama, also known as Applied Theatre, is an umbrella term for the use of drama .....,

come back, I urge you - I heard the word "pragmatics" in many instances, is this a new "turn" !?? maybe even tro Berlin, "hands-on"

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