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picture picture picture 15 Jan 2014 @ 17:25, by Heiner Benking

Two interesting events (for me at least) as a kick-off for 2014 in my blog.

GAME OVER unfortunately without Wolfgang Croy, but very important to discuss challenges and limitations of Humans and Machines/Technology interactions.
Check google or goto the calendar/ /game-over-humans website.

Before I am sitting here in the University of the Arts listening to a conversation between Knut Ebeling and Siegfried Zielinki in a series of exchanges in a program called VARIANTOLOGY. [link]

Theory of the Archives in Philosophy, Media, and the Arts
KADMOS 2009 Knut Ebeling, Stephan Guentzel

I really like the focus and intersting oeuvre of Ebeling and exchanged a little with him after linking to the archiving and negotiting in my Cognitive Panorama,[link] now since 20+ years. My question is why this work is not taken up, ignored even when published in top academic or policy environments.
This leads me back to the SIG - GIG Discussion [link] and how we educate in science and what reaches the schools and kinder gardens. maybe this is a good start: IGNORANCE OR COMPASSION: [link]

More late - have to rush to my 3rd stop-over tonight, the full-moon party of Achmed Khammas. Profile Farah .... [link]

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