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 100 years Willy Brandt - Willy yesterday, today, tomorrow - and what matters
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Daring Justice and Sharing Common Frames of Refererences
going beyond East-West - North South ... see my statement from the floor.

Lots of events this year for Willy Brandt, but yesterday and today we have our summit, his 100th in the WILLY BRANDT HAUS !! - Yesterday we have been "only" in the Friedrich Ebert Foundation...‎

Mehr Gerechtigkeit wagen - Willy Brandts globales Engagement

WILLY BRANDTs. GLOBALES ENGAGEMENT. DIENSTAG / 17. DEZEMBER 2013. BERLIN / FRIEDRICH-EBERT-STIFTUNG ...‎ - "Willy Brandt. Eine Jahrhundertgestalt“. Willy Brandts Charisma ...
Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt Stiftung: Jubiläumsjahr 2013‎

THURSDAY MORNING - well this becomming quite and exercise, maybe it should be a hook about SHARING _ CARING_ DARING GLocally dedicated to WILLY BRANDT, ROBERT JUNGK; ELISABETH MANN_BORGESE, and RALPH SIU .... I better sleep over that check the long text under [more] below !!


Tonight the WILLY BRANDT HAUS opens its doors... check the programme ! and see [MORE] below !!

I met Willy Brandt last in 1987 at an International conference on Envrionment and Development, at my alma mata the University Hamburg. Willy Brandt was the grey emminence and the Conference was organizes by Professor Degens, a limologist. I was in that faculty of Geosciences 15 years earlier and for me it was a "call to action".
See, I start this list in 1988: [link]

Willy brought not only UNDP and UNEP agendas together but really looked for the in-between. Something what I mentioned from the floor yesterday: Will was beyond "NORTH-SOUTH and beyond the "windrose" aware of all the other dimensions, sectors, issues,... more into "common frames of references" or what I call "GLOBAL INTERESTS" - see my blog on SIGs vs GIGs ( Special versus Global Interests Groups).

He laid somehow the foundation for me thinking for real across scales. See GLOBAL CHANGE exhibition 1990 [link] and Enycclopedia terms: [link]

I was an exciting time, talking with him aboout MUSTAFA TOLBA and the GeoJournal (Wolf Tietze) see list above. I was reporting for the GeoJournal at that time about mayor events like the year later the GLOBAL CHANGE conference 1988 in MOSCOW.
Wolf Tietze was such an editor in chief, who was into "GI" (GLOCAL ISSUES) as we called it in 1990 !! and see: [link] and

check: Futures Studies - something for a Special & GLocal Interests Group (SIG vs.GIG) from 2013 in this blog: [link]
Tietze was not into writing papers and citation ranking ! he was a journal maker who cared for the best results of all his contributors and with a great editorial board, for example with Mustafa Tolba !!


Prof. Degens Press Conference - Russiass and Methane and Time Scales ****
STORY &&&&&&

* ICSU CODATA [link] and UN State-Planners meeting in Beijing 1992 ****** DOCU NEEDED **** and story needs to be done !!
* GEOTECHNICA 1993 html !!! and Alfred Wegener Foundation 1991 [link]
* BUKA GLOBAL CHANGE 1990 1995 [link]
* MOSCOW LOMONOSSOW - Club of Rome *** 2000 ****
* HANS JONAS - Responibiltiy and Ethics with SPACE AND TIME HORIZON !! [link]

Most of this is 20 and even more years old. what happened since such efforts. Are we really close to a mindshift? [link] or waht are the mindbugs? what is group-think and clanthink [link] doing to us in times when all speaks about the swarm and collective "intelligence without the "wisdom of the people": [link] r an interview with Christakis: [link] and check check also: (2013)


maybe even more stories ... one day ...
maybe I should take the WORDS of NELSON MANDELA serious: Your playing small does not serve the world. Tata Madiba Nelson Mandela – Bishop Tutu - making differences in deeplands [link]

While writing, between the "celebrations" I am attending another very special competition press conferenceabout the new Library at the Tempelhofer Feld: see: with two first prizes !! Check and stay tuned, the final result in Spring 2014.

the Berlin Brandenburgische BBAW with the GRUNDLAGEN UND PERSPEKTIVEN DEN WISSENSCHAFTSSYSTEMS - Foundations and Perspectives of the Science System. All around WillyBrandt, the new designs like SPRINGER and LIBRARY competition, ... speak about a CAMPUS IDEA ! maybe this is contagious - or the times
I should revisit the NAS Grand Challenges and the link to Carl Ritter, as he laid the foundations and bridged conceptually 200 years ago towards what Visionaries like Brandt, Mandela had in mind by requesting bigger pictures, beyond the typical fragmentation and segregation silos, we are confronted with even more than 2-300 years ago. But this I have to enlarge later, meanwhile mybe chech: INTERNET @ SOCIETY (PDF) [link]
plus slides [link]

I am now rushing to the Willy Brandt Haus, check back later.....!

YES THIS WAS A DAY AND NIGHT ! I suvived and some great encounters provided me withh some energies: for example

Richard von Weizsaecker

Egon Bar
We discussed my title: "Lebendige Demokratie leben" versus Willy Brandts "Demokratie wagen", and Nelson Mandela/Desmond Tutu. check in this blog: [link]
I promised to make this nexus and give credit as a special honour and duty. My first wife was receiving Amnesty after the students revolts in Hamburg, saved from being sentenced in court, thanks to Willy ! and I saw him last 25 years ago, as mentioned above, where we were sitting with

Nina Scheer's
father Hermann and ** Uhlmann from the Boelkow Foundation discussing the Solar Age and the new Wasserstoff Era..

In a nutshell, an enjoyable evening, ending with Eva Quistorp. **** link
I MENTION IT HERE as we discussed WAGEN - DARING, and the difference of Gesandte, ungeschickte Geschickte, und Getriebene, and makes them tick (their drive and motivation across scales and positions, perspectived)... *** translate and and Horst-Eberhard Richter (see: Panetics, Policy, Governance, Compassion, Suffering...) [link] und Erhard Eppler here **** ***

Its dawning already.... so I rush elsewhere... c.u.

ICC ...

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