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 Changing the International Debate? Dahrendorf Symposium, Focus on Global Change
picture 14 Nov 2013 @ 11:01, by Heiner Benking

ACADEMY OF THE ARTS venue at the Pariser Platz, the premier location in Berlin.

I recommend from their website:
Changing the Debate on Europe - Moving Beyond Conventional Wisdoms

?.... you can discover more about the German-British citizen and European, Lord Dahrendorf, his life between politics and academia, as well as the intellectual inheritance of his research. Get to know the concepts behind the Symposium which serve as its intellectual starting point...

Lord Dahrendorf’s Legacy
Dahrendorf forcefully and repeatedly warned against taking seemingly comfortable policy frames and political positions for granted. He urged academics to question the status quo, and to challenge the political Zeitgeist. ... .

So let us this as raw-model and icon can be brought life to tackle the challenges "debated".


I AM THRILLED, a high calibre gathering, check the stream and programme. Start here: [link] -@Dahrendorf_Sym - #DSym2013

I am making notes, but its so deep and challenges, that I want to think twice, mingle, and only present synthesis and ways and means towards shared positive action, capacity building, reaching mount awareness by doing what matters most and makes positive differences.

Notes and "FOOD FOR THOUGHT & ACTION": (a report and summary will come soon)
I was alerted in late August by Marcus Hedahls, London School of Economics (LSE) article: [link] and had provided Craig CALHOUN with our recent GLOBAL AGORAs publication: [I hope Craig has found the time to put some of the materials, I asked him to share, on the desk of researchers in his new function in the reknown LSE.
Check this and the new publications: [link]
Strategic Articulation of Actions to Cope with the Huge Challenges or Our World - A Platform for Reflection.
as published in this series as Volume One. A SOCIAL SYSTEMS APPROACH FOR GLOBAL PROBLEMS, 21st Century Agoras Monograph Series. I have written a little comment:
A Mission Impossible or The Needed Critical Piece of the Puzzle? Maybe you like it and I should share the list of content before you order!?

I hope you also like our connecting dots and spaces with Christakis, Laouris, Treviño, Kakoulaki and fearturing also work of Wasilewski, Jones and many other SDP practitionieers I came across over the years, trying to get some overview and insights into the "Problematique" and looking back onto Otlet, Judge and how work on a solution space is as old as the UIA ! Due in June - maybe ask for a preliminary pdf or LoC! Pls. see also the SAPREJ-12 bar below and maybe ask also for the slides of our presentation with Reynaldo and Bethania.
The conference proceedings with the new title: Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, and Connecting in Times of a GLocal “Problematique” - A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO COPE WITH GLOBAL CHALLENGES will be published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing 2013.

Work in Progress - please come back later.


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