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 Big Smart Data - Small, Smart, Wise Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom ?
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Smart Data - but how about information, knowldege, shared practival wisdom?

Smart Data [link] was yesterday
tomorrow I will report about the TREND KONGRESS: create innovate.grow

so I feel this is a very hot issue, talking with leading policy and industry people about central societal and futuristic matters,functions, features, benefits, impacts and proportions and consequences GLocally. *******
Very busy as always in November, so please check the links, check the videos, and maybe come back.

The whole theme is like a deja vue for me. Meta-Data and Information, Applications, Noise and Volumes were on my desk for 30+years, so was the need to visualize and participate, deliberate, negotiate, decide, ....

I feel that the paper adressing massive problems and dialog and decision making issues, a paper we did with Reynaldo and Bethania has been just hitting the streets, so check it out: [link]

Cambridge Scholar Publishing, available at the OAC. Check: ISBN: 978-960 86383-8-9

Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, and Connecting in Times of a GLocal (1) “Problematique” (2).


Heiner Benking, Reynaldo Treviño Cisneros, Bethania Arango Hisijara

1 GLocal: a neologism describing the linkages of effects across scales. One source was calling the dimension magnitudes: micro-meso-macro cosmos. The Scientific Director of the Global Change exhibition, Dr. Manfred Lange called this “depth” of a “possibility” space “GLocal” in early 1990. See Wikipedia [link] and Pointers to possibilities: Ekistics, Dymaxion World and Eco-Cube, [link]

2 The „Global Problematique“ and „Predicament of Mankind“ or the central titles of the original reports leading to the formation of the Club of Rome in the late 60ies. This article refers to this early work originated by Erich Jantsch, Hasan Oezbekhan, Alexander Christakis. We recommend the interviews with Christakis by the author in Europe’s World: Learnings and Vistas based on revisiting 40 years "Global Problematique" - summing up 40 years "Predicament of Mankind" (Club of Rome early report), look-outs, and new forms of structured dialog and deliberation / decision cultures in an Interview with Alexander Christakis, and The Predicament of the Individual, Communities, and Humankind in the 21st Century - Deliberations about Structured Dialogic Design, Systems Thinking, Policy-Making, Multi-track Diplomacy, Empowerment and the Wisdom of the People.

3 The authors have been aware of the Millennium Project since the mid 90ies and have independently considered the “15 Global Challenges to Humanity” [link] as an ideal collection to which to apply the Structured Dialogic Design Process (SDDP), presented here and developed further by the 21st Century Agora Institute. In APPENDIX A we provide more details about the Millennium Project, the Global Futures Intelligence System - GFIS the Union of International Associations - UIA and their Yearbooks and Encyclopedia, the MDGs and more. Have a look.

Sept/October 2012:

OLD ENTRY - FOR THE RECORDS and "Search machines"

At the Orthodox Academy in Crete this September a session was designed to provide some insight into dialogue design for tackling GLocal Issues. We presented the state of dialogue to adress the Problematique and some "experiments" to bridge sources, approaches, technologies.... Please check prospective new methods and tests new approaches to test the "gargantuan" challenges across cultures, domains, mindsets, scales. .... Please see below the event, the presentations, and the forthcoming publications.

SAPREJ-12: Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice
Institute of Theology and Ecology of the OAC, International Ecological and Multidisciplinary Conferences
"Religion and Science can provide solutions for sustainability problems“ - September 29, 2012, OAC, Chania, Greece

ATTENTION: Ihe print version is about to hit the streets ! I have changed the title a little and base also on the presentations of Alexander Chirstakis and Yiannis Laouris at the HSSS Conference 2012, 5-7 July, 2012, see: Democracy in [R]evolution: *** Connecting ... Please ask to get a pre-release or my latest working copy of:
PRELIMINARY VERSION (for the records):

Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, and Connecting:

Dots, Signs, Models, Repositories, Spaces, and Minds1,2

Explorations into individual, socio-cultural collaborative and co-creative, and collective approaches towards tackling the Global Problematique.


It is about: Structured Dialogic Design and Deliberations: looking back 40 years, announcing the new publication: STRATEGIC ARTICULATION OF ACTIONS TO COPE WITH THE HUGE CHALLENGES OF OUR WORLD TODAY, and presenting project around the world, and discussing future potentials for tackling highly complex challenges, creating policy options, and socio-cultural cohesion across scales and media.

Local Host, Introduction and Moderation:

Maria Kakoulaki, Journalist, Board Member of "Institute for 21st Century Agoras“, Associate "Cyprus Future Worlds Center“

STRUCTURAL DIALOGIC DESIGN – state of the art SDD applications from Cyprus, Canada, USA, Mexico, …


Alexander Christakis, Founding President "Institute for 21st Century Agoras“

Coordination and Presentation:


Heiner Benking, Council of Global Issues, Tagore-Einstein-Council, Open-Forum, Independent Journalist and Scholar

part of the presentation is a short introduction of the new publication:
STRATEGIC ARTICULATION OF ACTIONS TO COPE WITH THE HUGE CHALLENGES OF OUR WORLD TODAY - A Platform for Reflection by Reynaldo Treviño Cisneros and Bethania Arango Hisijara

This are the slides: [link]
A publication and documentation is in progress. Please come back later, meanwhile maybe check the slides and texts in progress.

This topic includes how Dialogue Design can be used to adress the PROBLEMATIQUE today and tomorrow, in Canada, Mexico, the US, Greece and elsewhere..., across scales, sectors, cultures, languages, mindsets, ... and what options are "in the air" for future applications in the field of multi-track dialog, diplomacy and peace-making.

By all means please also see from our authors Reynaldo Trevino Cisneros and Bethania Arango Hisijara above: Strategic Articulation of Actions to Cope with the Huge Challenges or Our World, A Platform for Reflection.
(see Academia) and also see my invited comment: and the comment from Kevin Dye.

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