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 The Whole Earth: IV - Counter/CyberCulture, End of the Outside and Philosophy?
picture picture picture 23 Jun 2013 @ 09:52, by Heiner Benking

Again in the HKW, and again the WHOLE EARTH. [link]
The time of the late 60ies and early 70ies was giving me much more kicks than I had realized before, so I could not resist asking some "ice-breaking" questions and was very relieved that Panellists and Curators could relate outside of the box (of this series of events and exhibition) and definitely I enjoyed yesterday afternoon/evening.

See the full program and check which video recordings are available !
I really enjoyed the answers from DIEDRICH DIEDRICHSEN and feel the presentations form FRED TURNER and TOM HOLERT were far-out and EVA MAYER mentioning Gotthard Guenther. This was really worth the effort going there !! finally linking Günther and Stachowiak again in public: [link]
Oh, how I would have loved to sit in a circle with such panelist and some participants and go into deep conversations, not just this silly Q&A with a few questions from the floor!
Beside other good presentations I feel I need to mention the quality and richness of the participants. How! in which format? Maybe ike next week !? see Open-Forum and Stammtisch 3.0 and the workshop COLABORATIVE FUTURES CREATION: - see the WFSF conference mentioned below.

See the full program and check which video recordings are available !

I am preparing presently from the systems and participation perspective somerthing about COLLECTIVE FUTURES CREATION. The critical times of Normative, Participative, and Prognostic "Bifurcations" in communities, so please check 40 Years World Futures Studies Federation, and there our OPEN Workspaces next week: (PDF Program)
I wondered and asked how panellists where seeing connections to the EXPLORATORIUM, and as Education was mentioned, Kueckelhaus and including all senses, or the origins of EARTH DAY and the times of 1957, and not just 1966 (Steward Brand) when this new thinking went on track with its [R]evolution. See below and Democracy in [R]evolution: Connecting and the WFSF workspace on "Connecting, Mapping/Framing, Negotiating, Connecting, ..." mentioned above.

Busy now, but maybe check earlier this years other views of mine on the ANTHROPOCENE & The WHOLE EARTH in the HKW:

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So I feel I need to come again for this ANTHROPCENE exercise 2013/2014 to check out if we are talking here about and episode which is doomed to end - or a story-space where Humankind made a difference by looking into Leverage Points - not being mesmerized and like hypnotically perplexed got fixed into Syndromes and Tipping Points.


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