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 SOIL IN THE NEXUS - a topic across sectors, magnitudes, times, cultures, ...
picture picture 18 Jun 2013 @ 19:37, by Heiner Benking

I was very "priviledged" to attend yesterday the SOIL gathering at the IASS. [link] Expert Meeting „Soils in the Nexus“

"Global population growth and the impacts of climate change lead to a serious overuse of natural resources and thus to far-reaching consequences for ecosystems and people."
Read more [link] CHECK THIS OUT CAREFULLY !!

SOIL, like WATER, HEALTH, CLIMATE, SECURITY, ... are very important issues treated as sectors or silos in many cases, but now we have a final call and need to bridge them: NEXUS !! is the new objective and mission and term. So watch out - are very important term for the next programmes and summits !! Even the DG Klaus Töpfer was there: [link] and he was suprised to see me as i was the only with an "observer" status - like we said when I was young: sitting "besides" and not allowed to speak up !
But I was at the GLOBAL SOIL WEEK last year and I liked it very much, specially the GLOBAL COMMONS section, and feel that we need to make the NEXUS become real !! finally !! My question would be: "What is the plural of NEXUS - and aRE WE PREPARED FOR MANY AND HOW THEY INTERACT!? just a question...

Before we dig deeper I recommend LAST YEARS: Global Soil Week: Film "Let's Talk About Soil" [link]

Klaus Töpfer came by ...

Klaus Töpfer came by to greet me, shook my hand, mumbling something like "you again" - (we know each other since 25 years and I for example invited him officially in 1991 to tour the geotechmica fair and the LOCAL and GLOBAL CHANGE Research and Coordination Tasks of International Organizations a Special exhibition hall dedicated to International Activities and later the Hall of the Alfred Wegener Foundation: I helped a little that time to establish a MARKETPLACE for the EARTH! and to present what Geosciences could contribute when they would talk to each other and work "hand-in-hand": [link] maybe I should scan some of the opening speaches and introductions of our "EARTH SCIENCES" elite back then : ... Do not forget: 18 months earlier the term "GLocal" description [link] found a referent ! Manfred Lange pointing at the magnitude scale of micro-meso-macro ! - what we call now the needed "elevator" across scales - demanded in a lot of UN Conventions !! Maybe see these UN-AMR 2008 recommendations: The Cognitive Panoramadescription [link]
is to include 3 such "elevators" - easy to get it ! at least from a distance (birds-eye) and just the context and frames ! terms and meanings are another matter which needs to be linked/connected as well ! we called it a "meta-paradigm" when the European Council was searching for "New Ideas - New Spaces" "meta-paradigm" when the European Council was searching for "New Ideas - New Spaces" in 1996.
I also recommend to collect, frame, negotiate and connect!

This above is only to position my statements, insights and concerns for the eyes of some "not-insiders" or "new-commers"!!

So we met around and under the spell of CHATHAM HOUSE RULES:

For me it was essential in he late 80ies to not only cite statements, (80% is non verbal some comedians maintain) but also to portrait emotions involved and who was around at such meetings (times were quite different). But times change, we even meet Virtually and can be "hacked" and now even the people present are in the internet: see the programme, speakers, issues, ... [link]

So what is my turn here? Do some interviews, mingle, connect and reconnect, meddle in or help to "muddle through"?? !?

in October !! governance !

come back soon !! - I got to rush now .... and incredibly busy, OBAMA has just landed Berlin, and I still did not even finish my pieve from the PIK about the need to revisit modelling and Climate Change. [link]
and I am too late behind with the needed preparations for the WFSF 40th in Bukarest.

Unfortuantely it all about the same stuff, 40 years ago, 20 years ago, now....
I hope we come to GIG's - GLocal Interest Groups one day !
It is high time.
Presently we are again in the mode of creating new buzz or plastic words and modes (Pörksen- Plastik-Wörter in policy and politics).
What I mean and will prepare for the WFSF? maybe read: IGNORANCE or COMPASSION? [link] - or SHOW or SCCHAU? [link] The question back then was: Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?
I am presently reading the Bellagio 1968 Meeting Report by the OECD as organized by Erich Jantsch ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any new NEXUS !!

MORE TO COME from the QUARRY ...
CGI and IHTEC functions
what was new and what did I learn !??
Critical concerns and recommendations !! not only for the next GLOBAL SOIL in Berlin
and Planning and PLANNED CULTURE POLITICS - another 40th Anniversary... [link]


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