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 Robert Jungk and the need for Commons and a New Perestroika
picture picture picture picture 23 May 2013 @ 16:28, by Heiner Benking

Incredible busy days. We celebrated yesterday in co-op with the Boell Foundation "WINNING FUTUREs". this is my 2 minutes pitch at this 100 years Robert Jungk in memoriam symposium, and a (draft Translation) (check links) and maybe also the COMMONS conference from last year: ECONOMICS AND THE COMMON(S) : FROM SEED FORM TO CORE PARADIGM [link] description and Commons and Economics also check this an other blogs and tweets, maybe start at this COMMONS BLOG:

Besides there was the 3 days youth conference Democracy and Tolerance
see also: [link]
I discussed with Christian Petry about the need for a New Perestroika. We were involved more than 20 years ago in HOPE - Hilfsorganisation rettet Perestroika, so Petry's intuition is deep and needed.

Definitely THIS WEEK helped create a lot of leverage spaces, not just leverage points !! see Collecting and Connecting .... Dots and Spaces... [PDF]

The days are full of realizations for me. It started with my remembering the exchange with Roberet Jungk about what is free and a basic - and not behind walls hidden and trademarked for "profit". It later lead to my interest in CC "creative commons" and sharing, caring, daring... So for me this is a mayor "realization" in the field of the intangibles and creative commons. Should we invite to use and re-use and improve, or should we safe a name and product and method ! Methods can be improved or diluted ! maybe read "against method" in my pitch for Robert Jungk where I cited yesterday Rüdiger Lutz and the "Future Lab":

I was most of the time in the Culture and Knowledge Track and have to add to the "Pad" as lots of what was said is very essential for me. I remembered my "Seeds of Change" and the Meta-Paradigm from 1996 or so. Can we really leve the mold of nominalism and fighting over words and "points" leaving out the chance to step back and see issues in context and from a distance!? Can we think embodied in shared covenants and later build common maps, schemas, frames (see cognitive spaces and cognitive panorama) and maps/models (which include supersigns and superstructures?)
You see I am using the plural, like in many possible Futures but only one past for an indidividual, but many pasts for many people..... all this comming out, realizing in peaces, budding into the "futures"? pls check the forthcomming article: "Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, Connecting" we did at the symposium Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice last year.

I really liked this years COMMONING and the COMMONOPOLIS ! More down to earth as last time. Specially out pre-conference with Julio Lambing was worse all efforts ! It was about COMMONS IN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES.

This years I sneaked in as the "natural" born "gate-crasher" or trespasser, trying to find out which gate-keepers are fencing and garding the commons !
In a nutshell, I really had extremely interesting talks "besides" in the "lobby" and I enjoyed mingeling and meeting old and new friends. In the words of Heinrich Böll and Robert Jungk: WE have to meddle in instead of muddle through....
Finally the needed critical concern/comment: We should improve our ways to deliberate and come to deep dialogue towards shared hopes and actions. We did so at the OYA festival last year. See some impressions: OYA Festival or in this blog:
featuring the OYAnian Horse...
We can improve again next time, I am sure ...

Meanwhile maybe check in this blog about:
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Elinor Ostrom EURLOGY June 2012: Eulogy for ELINOR OSTROM: Sharing Commons and Frames & Signs that Matter a month before her Nobel prize: (PDF)

Lynton Caldwell and Herman Daly and a "postscript": [link]
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More and the final version later. Maybe check meanwhile Designing Democracy and come on Sunday for "ABUNDANCE".... maybe this was called on "THE FARM" "Plenty.

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