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 Yesterday is Today ! - Robert Jungk 100th - Was he a Nerd or Hub !?
picture 11 May 2013 @ 16:04, by Heiner Benking

DRAFT _ WORK IN PROGRESS !! Wolfram Huncke was there and speaking about him between Jungk and Haber. See the book and check the report by the moderator Manfred Ronzheimer. Gestern ist heute: Heinz Haber und Robert Jungk im Disput um die Zukunft von "We have to find new languaging and new tangible, performative, contagious forms to present, participate and colaborate to adress young people". This is in the essence what I feel I agreed with Robert Jungk somewhere in early 1991. This "on records" was asked from me after our event in the URANIA last night, so here we are: "on record". Robert Jungk was invited 20 years ago for the efforts to start a Peace University - see picture. Hans Holzinger from the library in Salzburg could attend in 1995, but this is all "history". What remains? Have there been lasting effects and impulses? Can we learn? Are we destined to self-destruct? as Lynton Caldwell asked in 1999 see also Show or SCHAU?: To get going the book: Yesterday is Today - (Gestern ist Heute) so I will look a little into Futures Creation again. The plural of alternatives and the focus on Ought not Can. See "Can Implies ought" Hasan Ă–zbekhan.

We know that we should not everything possible, and everybody knows that we should act local and make local tests insted of risking control over global impacts. This leads us to Ludwig Fleck and Infliction of Suffering (Ralph Siu). But I also want to point out to the 3rd Global Challenge of ROBUST PATHS paper we did at AFRICA BEYOND POVERTY in 1995: social disintegration, caused by an increase in the (by now, excessive) speed of innovation processes in all areas; processes which are being driven by technological and economical dynamics, but which are not being societally controlled, and which are leading to growing unemployment, social unrest and corresponding threats to social security systems. DRAFT - More personal recollections - NEEDS EDITING and MORE WORK: Today we are confronted with the situation that Robert Jungk, and even more so, Heinz Haber are forgotten, not on the agenda of young people. But as we have seen at the event in the URANIA last night, celebrating into his 100th birthday, that Yesterday is Today ! buy the book !! I start with the title of Jungk being a "NERD" or "HUB" to attract the younger generation, but as I have said already in Loccum, he was definitely a "Hub" and "Pulsetaker", never hiding or wisdrawing to check the order and safe the "gates". See Karen Stepehenson on "TRUST" (highly recommended). Before we now enter into "newspeak", call a person a central relay point to connect the loose ends (Weisbrand with Peymann yesterday at Boell ***) Some people believe now NERDs change the world, but I wonder and doubt it !!! And I fear if this would be for the better! I consider one side of the NERD that they are focussed and self-centered, specialist who know more and more - but about less and less. We need people like Robert Jungk who can see the woods, not just the trees. And Bob was such an in-betweener and concerened generalist, and that is why I feel he like my stance on harmonisation and archiving, orientation and models, dialogue and empowerment, giving voice and encourage in what we called already at that time co-creation ! I had my "attention getter" with Bob Jungk - after trying to get closer to him - as he seemed to be veiled by a wall of gate-keepers. I was hanging around the Library in Salzburg, as all the books in their were of interest !! and some others like Kjell Dahle, were also around, so I was able to learn and learn... So one evening he was in the staircase to his eremitage under the roof (Bergwerk) where he had his place, peace and freedom, and papers !! of any kind !! So how to adress such a hero my father had all his books on the shelves, running for presidency, and being "hunted" by all these paparazzi - we called them different these days... Me, I was more on the side of "serious" science, management, and informatics, technical pragmatics and feasabilities,... side but I was also into what Heinz Haber was about: Communication, Old & New Media, Science, Informatics, Computer Graphics ... so an "in-betweener".... So how to adress him with lots of paper bags on his shoulders - hurrying up the stairs !? I somehow referred to HEINZ HABER and his book: "PLANET IN THE OCEAN OF TIME" that we need to make tangible time & space horizons, proportions, and consequences, and he was "all ears". We later exchanged about people we both are connected with around Media, Policitics, Environment, Humanities, ... and we were immediately ONE. He hsowed me incredible dossiers and opened doors to people I should meet. Some I have met, some are not with us any more, some I should soon.... So how to adress the youth and become relevant. ROBERT JUNGK was definitely not a NERD - he was more than a HUB, as being the central switching spot, even connecting loose ends - as Weisbrand said in the event with PAYMANN the night before **** - is not enough ! So I told him over ours about my work and concerns, how we try to "harmonize" and bridge "incompatibilites", how we as planners to "futures creation" not one eyed technological forecast leaving the people, cultures and differences behind. Bob opened to me all his "drawers" and ongoing international projects, he urged me to not get involved in local or national activities, remember - we were on the verge of Rio '92 !!! and I should help connect and and . later we talked about Mankind2000, WFSF, and ongoing activities, but his concern was YOUTH - how to be attractive, contagious, .... I have published before and after this entry about "Bob" - pls. goto: Robert Jungk 80th and 100th - Big Questions but still Signs of Hope May 4 Robert Jungk and the need for Commons and a New Perestroika May 22 MORE TO COME !! PS: AUGUST 2013 I now spoke at the closing pelanary of the WFSF in Bucharest on SIGs versus GIGs and defintely this issues on the commons and shared frames of references will be with us for some some ! - seen: ? I spoke at the 100th for Bob Jungk in berlin how I met him, how I told him the story Haber was often telling about him being a boy collecting stamps, and How I caugth teh attention of BOB by telling him what I do around the scalse of maginitude, well in the sense of Haber. I need to transcribe this asap. !!***********

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