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 re:publica and Theater and Internet
picture 8 May 2013 @ 18:27, by Heiner Benking

What a week. We end today with re:publica today and continue with Theater and Internet until tomorrow. Check the links and videos of the re:publica, description maybe revisit this quergeist blog from 2010:

The question is how to be inclusive and allow all forms, ways, and means of cultural expressions.

Theater & Net This is translated from the Boell website: Theater & Net: Theater is transformed through the digital Revolution, and what the Netizens can bring home. An offer to people from media, theater, civil society and science and politics. It is an event organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Nachtkritik an Online Theater-Portal, the bpb - Bundeszentrale politische Bildung just look at this and come back !

Theater und Kritik in der Netzgesellschaft - Neue Medien, neues Publikum – ein anderes Theater? - Kritik im Netz – Kritik aus dem Netz

I was able to place a question to Peymann and I feel it was good to be there.

Now Live-Code: War and Peace in the Internet is on: Krieg und Frieden im globalen Dorf. I am just thinking about Kim Veltman and Franz Nahrada who were around these themes also 20+years ago, and bytheway they are meeting this weekend - check: Monasteries Of The Future Symposium Melk: Heritage and New Beginnings

The panels are of real interest ! these people are finally after typically 20+ years with augmented realities and superstructures, VR and Public Spaces / Sinn und Fluchtwelten , Perfomance and Agitation - see the links around SChlingensief - who is often mentioned here: I feel these efforts should be revisited !! It seems to me really important to include pre-internet times, what I encounter here seems to deserving also "roots" not just "wings"....

THIS IS AN EXCITING EVENT - I NEED TO MINGLE NOW !! Mikl Heart Demokratie - Körperliche Magie ! Politischer Raum !! nicht einlenken ! In Gesichter schauen ! Erklärendes dazu sagen ! Recolutionäre Kraft – wenn wir zusammen sind - Re:publica filter-bubbles fetter "Dicker KNOTENPUNKT" oder HUB - living Hub **** ODER LSOES ENDE DURCH INHALTE – RELEVANT vernetzen ! Theater verdichtet Aussage, verdichtet zu verstehen im Herzen !

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