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 In the Name of the People?
picture7 May 2013 @ 19:58, by Heiner Benking

Success Factors and Pitfalls (Fallstricke) of external democracy building.

I am at the 32nd Forum for Global Questions organised by the German Foreign Office this time in co-operation with the sef: Development and Peace Foundation and INEF Institute for Development and Peace.
The series is about the wide spectrum of global challenges and brings together for exchanges and consultations governmental and non governmental actors in the field of international politics.

Please check the programme and the speakers. As always this Forum brings together top-level policy makers, administrators, and activists from all levels.

The first section is about constitution building with a focus on Tunisia and the Arab world, but also international experiences and insights. The second is about the challenges of democracy for nations with a special focus on the situation in Kenya and Africa. I was immediately remembered the AFRICA BEYOND POVERTY efforts of the World Futures Studies Federation WFSF in Nairobi [link], where I had some deep and hard learnings about the matter about Africa and Futures, Ecology, Education, Technology, Economics, Ethics and Governance. If you took notice of the last elections in the media, you might be alerted and maybe learn about some other actors in the field. I only want to highlight the Ushahidi project presented by Daudi Were.
The third and last section was focussing on Egypt and how to support democracy in revolutionary setting – in short „Arab Spring“. check more below !!

We had invited 16 months ago Mokhtar Yahyaoui from Tunis [link] , so I feel I had the chance to really meet central people across a wide range of positions. In a nutshell: I feel we are very lucky here in Germany or Western Europe and I wonder where else we have such a variety of participants like have in this GLOBAL FORUM now for the 32nd time !! I feel we have a duty to not observe and discuss, but contribute, serve and mingle in instead of all this muddling through.
I am just thinking what Robert Jungk would be doing today ! We have still the Migration and Flight proposal on the „back-burner“. Same as the Fortress Stadtschlaining Peace Institute next Saturday ! So stay tuned.

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