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 Robert Jungk 80th and 100th - Big Questions but still Signs of Hope
picture 4 May 2013 @ 10:58, by Heiner Benking

WORK IN PROGRESS - THIS A DRAFT - I will get a ENGLISH Polished version here a.s.a.p. Robert Jungk, the Activist, Journalist, Concerned Generalist, and Performing Wordsmith and Catalyst, our Conscience, would have celebrated his 100th birthday next week, May 11th. Today, a week earlier, there is a very special 20th anniversary, 20 years ago we had the 25th Churchday in Munich, the day Robert Jungk suddenly disappeared from the sphere of encouragement of others and out of the lifes of many. He had a stroke which made him leave us, a stroke the moment we he was needed MOST - wanted to do the/our "WATER - SOURCES OF CREATION" at this very special Churchday, and when all was in full gears preparing for his 80th birthday celebrations in Graz, Munich, Salzburg, and elsewhere, this looks to me all the same, same procedure like the series of events all this year 2013. So where did we progress?, made differences that matter?, and helped towards reaching mount awareness? (as I always heard from Charles François).

Let me explain: Bob was versed in the exact and fine arts, in politics, media, participation, science, peace-making,.... and and .. and I have only met people of that "callibre" only a few times in my life, for example when meeting Alfred Schinz, Hans Jonas, Ralph Siu, Arnold Peters, Klaus Saur, Heinz Haber, ... Bob was definitely outstanding and unique even in such a group, leaving marks across all domains, strands, and issues. I feel I should better also mention some woman here, maybe Elisabeth Mann-Borgese, The Mother of the Oceans and Donella Meadows come to mind. Pls. excuse, consider and check later !! my updates: But such is life: as Kästner wrote - some, the wrong Ones/Peoples, are full of doubts... I feel this deeply and dearly as this is the central and mayor issue I raise again myself - not writing "J'ACCUSE" 20 years ago.... !!! and not to say NO to people who think linear and in control schemes. This was prepared in 98-99, the "Saying No - The Culture of Refusal" - Kultur der Verweigerung - Das konstruktive Nein which was unfortunately only published in German, I am sure Bob would have loved it !

Yes we were that time in full swing preparing the 80th birthday in Munich, Graz, .... and it is like today, where Robert Jungk events are taking place in many towns. For me this is a "Déjà-vu" - all the same like 20 years ago. So questions come up like: What have we learned?, is there "progress"?, are Positive Futures lingereing more visible and have we build on the Delphin Solutions and positive and good news collected already before 1993??

So in 1993 in Munich there was suddenly a void, not just for me, but all the activists at our event and the whole Churchday, many friends of him like Uto Hopf, Antje Bultmann, Eva Quistorp or better, Carl , .. we were all frozen in pain and loss. I have written through the night in the Press Center a press message, the people in the Press Center were very helpful, but we agreed the next day it can be only a personal cry or message, not an official statement by the Kirchentag Press Center. See the copy "Nicht autorisiert".

It looks like all the same, some words of hope, but have we made of the Leverage Points Donella Meadows asked us to explore, and the FUTURE LABS Futures Creation? Definitely,a s just mentioned in the Final Press Conference "Helen Clark", now UNDP, urged us to look for concrete Visions, not this nice smilingly holding hands, but urging for action, confronting when people "muddle through" instead of "meddling in", but sharable, tangible positions and perspectives we can negotiate and realize where we can agree and share realities - or not !

I just rushed to the computer revisited my Press Release from 20 years ago "Sparks of Hope and Action" - but who has read that?

Here are some "impulses" I have collected 20 years ago. Maybe it is time to revisit them now !?:

For example the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential with Robert Jungk as one of the initiators !!, “The Global Action Plan” (GAP) check how the "ecoteams" idea survived!, The Rubik's Cube Embodied Order Space (MODEL-EXPONAT) we have been building for the Global Change exhibition, The Book of Visions, an ”Encyclopedia of Social Innovations” - I mentioned Nicolas Albery already above. I feel we should continue to collect such impulses and learn from them, how they evolved or were “forgotten”. Another “Impulse” I had already on the way was to create for the “ÖkoCity Graz” where I was in the process to bring together various participation methods like the “Planning Cell” – Planungszelle – close to the Citizens Jury, or the Opus method for multi-lingual opinion research, the Open-Forum Magic Roundtables, the Consultative as a mediation “cook-book”,... unfortunately Bob was not with us any more, but Walter Spielmann assured me that this was something Robert Jungk would have really liked ! - So let us continue collecting “Seeds of Change” - which by the way I did for some years later for the Club of Budapest “Viewsletter” - enjoy !! – as I feel there are some impulses still to be collected, connected and brought to fruition/life for maybe doing Multi-Track Diplomacy and Peacemaking. Again I am sure, this is something Bob would have liked, not only because is is close to Eric Jantsch, West Churchmann, Hasan Özbekhan and many people Bob shared many ideas, concepts and projects with. Maybe check the article or with Anthony Judge who was around these days and already that time at the right places/projects.

But who considers, thinks about, or bothers to address complex issues, when it is easier to be perplexed and complain/wonder about all these hindsight instead of tackling something new or seemingly "strange", addressing and questioning people which are different, "other", loud, vague, dubious, or silent. Robert Jungk asked deeper, not staying on the surface of overclaims and oversimplifications, and asking for the detail, context, and frames (my work see the article Collecting#Framing&Negotiating@Connecting in [R]evolution context. So for me finally getting a chance - by chance - to meet and stay with him - an enduring and moving short time I had on lasting maybe 2 years. I had to meet an exceptional and humane, authentic man !! - very rare nowadays, a world full of Verwalter, Verweser, und Bedenkenträger, without any idea to speak-up and stand-up.

I am getting emotional again. Sorry. I need to invest another night, next night to make my points clear, but maybe some of you read German and so might enjoy the handouts from 1993.

Meanwhile I have to work on getting this more coherent for May 10, May 11, and May 22 in Berlin, and all the other events elsewhere later.

Here is the "press-release" from 1993: ENDE UND ANFANG - Aktion and s.a..

Many links and references you can find there, invest some time ! Maybe see the updates and come back to see what is going on this year around Robert Jungk. Not just Loccum a few weeks ago, but a lot of events in Salzburg, Berlin, Schlaining, and elsewhere.

I am working presently for May 10/11 on an update for the New Encyclopedists:. which are times of Google and CyberCulture needed as never before. And Bob has seen this so far ahead of his times !! Interested in this "detail" that matter "glocally"? See Cognitive Spaces and GLocal in Wikipedia as concrete models ! which Bob understood immediately but felt to early to become mainstream (I should better work with youth) and the Pointers to possibilities page by Anthony Judge which is making alternatives negotiable and comparable at least from a distance !! to get an idea what was on the table and at stake already 20 years ago.

Maybe forthcoming soon and an update what was going on on my side since 1990 see Formal Ontologies paper and this "pitch" about the need to add the contributions of "Carl Ritter" (PDF in the early days of Universities 200 years ago, besides for example the brothers Humboldt, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Hufeland, …. This seems relevant when we think about the roots of Schooling and Universities, at least around Germany and Switzerland 200 years ago.... Some people might have heard about Gutsmuths, there is stree in his name in Berlin-Steglitz where I live....

This is where I think the advise of Robert Jungk comes in. He saw my struggling around Order and Orientation, Dialog and Participation, Data and Knowledge and was over hours listening and asking „well-packed“ questions in his study under the roof full of grey literature, his quary full of raw diamonds, he called his "Bergwerk" and I immediately started to discuss in 1991, before "Rio", about scanning his valuable literature, notes, and documents. Besides, I also added some to his Bergwerk, for example around the ASCE and the Soros Central European University, which I had been invited to for their Summer University in "Buda"pest I think it was 1989 or so, or many of the DOLPHIN SOLUTIONS which could not be included in the book published by Peter Spiegel.

Bob and me, we both had found in our first and long encounter many common concerns and people we both have met in Vienna, California, New York, Munich, San Francisco, Berlin and elsewhere. Here only to mention Eberhard Busek, Nathan Keyfitz, Peter Mencke-Glückert, Ernst v. Weizsäcker, Merete Mattern, Ossip Flechtheim, Reginald Földy and Nora Herberstein, Tibor Vamos, Johan Galtung, and Ralph Siu, Hansjürgen von Kries (ASCE), Alfred von Liechtenstein, Rupert Riedl, Gerrit (KuPo), Alexander Dill & father, Jakob von Uexkuell ... On this common basis he really showed is quality of a real "Hub", as I recently said in Loccum, he opened his doors to contacts I should make by all means. He helped trail-blazing the access to people like Anthony Judge and Klaus Sauer, Gunther Pauli and Nicolas Albery, and many others thanks to them (and I have to confess that many of these very special connections I did not even pick up, so good reason to reconnect and tie the open ends together now) !!, but also to the „Book of Visions“. Nicolas Albery one of the first besides Anthony Judge who really was a good lead.

I distributed at the Churchday in 1993 not only the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, The Book of Visions - see also Future Lab from the British Future Lab enthusiasts Nicolas Albery, who did DIY Futures and with whom we were around this NewCiv nertwork, his database of social innovations, where Tony Judge and Robert Jungk also helped to enter participation and time credit in meeting efforts (like our magic roundtables) – see this link!!! Unfortunately another loss of one of the very special people, Nicolas Albery has also left us long ago, much too early..... So let us revisit the Database of Social Innovations and maybe relaunchhh it with another of these „enthusiasts“ like the owner of this NewCiv network Flemming Funch. We have tried to bring such good news – positive change at least to youth by youth, see Positive News Youth Views, now called Youth Leader Magazine, where we collected the "history of spreading good news" and with copies from the Positive News magazine I helped to get a few initiatives to create such collections in Berlin. One was with Bernhard Harrer and friends including "CS", the other with our Positive Nett-Works founded in 1987, which also helped Youth-Leader and Positive News Youth View get going. See here the timeline published by Eric Schneider to put his Positive News Youth Views (PNYV), CafeWeltgeist, and now Youth-Leader Magazine efforts into the perspective of the "Origins of Spreading Good Examples".

Bu all I mention above is too little, too slow, not lasting, but I dare not say too late ! As we have to do the needed positive Futures Creation. ( I am presently working on the roots which can be seen by influences Hassan Özbekahn and Robert Jungk in the 60ies, where we need to mention Churchmann and Erich Jantsch. Maybe this FUTURES CREATION is what is needed. In this context maybe see the interviews I did in EUROPEsWORLD with the collaborator of Hassan who had worked with Doxiadis (EKISTICS) before ! his name is Alexander Chirstakis. Bob later wrote that we should always consider the plural of Future, I need to check some sources but definitely it is a citation on teh invitation for MAy 22nd. ...

I exchanged some Emails with Wendell Bell about this, maybe we get to the Roots of Futures . See his "Foundations of Futures Studies - Human Science for a New Era". One other tragic loss was that Rüdiger Lutz has been passing away. He also was much too early & visionary, too different from all these „onlookers“ and observers. We tried to widen the basis of Zukunftswerkstätten and called it FUTURE LAB International. Here some documents from the late 90ies. ***** PDF *** I will also collect and scan the ÖkoStadt Graz documents a.s.a.p. and check what we have done at the 20th of Bob's World Futures Studies Federation in 1993 in Turku: "Our View of Life is too flat" maybe also see these "newsletter": an institute called FAW where we had creativity "coLab" where we could relatively easily work "out of the box".

Maybe see also this about Theater and Science and Carl Ritter at this blog. See - or check in this blog also: INTERNET & SOCIETY 2010: Pitch CARL RITTER (PDF-slides. or this NEW RENAISSANCE 2009 (PDF)slides or VIDEO or some old stuff like Foucault: Knowledge and Power ... I will be back soon ! PS: I have added meanwhile to other blog about BOB, you see how I feel connected. So maybe also see at some of my roots or "elders" and at Yesterday is Today ! - Robert Jungk 100th - Was he a Nerd or Hub !? 11 May 2013 Robert Jungk and the need for Commons and a New Perestroika May 22


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