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 Environment & Justice and how we solve/neglect Problems
picture picture 1 May 2013 @ 10:30, by Heiner Benking

As always, all looks conneceted, but I repeat myself.
As the publication is nearing completion: Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice (SAPREJ-12). I felt I use the chance to see what needs to be included in my publication "Collecting&Connecting" spread the news, and hear the news from "heavy weights" like Klaus Töpfer yesterday, speaking about problem solving capacities !

The evening before was a real highlight ! Menschenwürde, Rechte zukünftiger Generationen und nachhaltige Entwicklung by Prof. em. Dr. Hans Jörg Sandkühler, ehem. Leiter der Deutschen Abteilung „Menschenrechte und Kulturen“ des UNESCO-Lehrstuhls für Philosophie/Paris. Sandkühler was willing to set into perspective governance by hapiness indicators (Bhutan) and Panetics "Art of Governance" looking into the infliction of suffering and even opted for altenative schemas like the Dukkha schema making concrete short and long time, light and severe suffering, instead of using only vague "happiness" policies which are in danger of remaing "lofty and in the air" at the mercy certain power mongers... ((This need careful writing and editing - PLEASE COME BACK LATER !!))

The final highlight was the keynote by Klaus Töpfer. He spoke about something very central, about which strategies to be applied for solving ecological problems, how this was done in the past and how our geo-engineering solutions on the horizon are about to change our living world and how we risk through massive, global experiments with tech quick-fixes to really create lasting impacts. I strongly recommend to revist our ROBUS PATHS PROPOSAL (1995) instead of letting technical experiments be globalised, ignoring scales and consequences (an old theme of mine as you know). See more below !!

It was really amazing to see the parallelity and synchronicity with evening events in the DENKEREI below. Have a look. Maybe community can learn form each other !?

We had two days of intensive sessions with parallel special highlight events in the evening. Check: DENKEREI (founded by Bazon Brock in Berlin Kreuzberg). Take note !!
and maybe check the blog below (2011) in the Denkerei about mindsets and box-thinking.

Check the Symposium about PROBLEMS which can wicked and tricky and can not be solved and how to go on about that!!!: Probleme, die unlösbar sind: Wie gehen wir damit um? Ursachen, Folgewirkungen, Konsequenzen mit Arno Bammé, Bazon Brock, Wilhelm Berger, Peter Heintel, Birger Priddat, Elke Gruber, Martin Nebel, und Ingrid Reschenberg.

The highlight for me was yesterday evening Birger Priddat. I had not thought that I could agree with him more and so deep on format, context, depth, .... and synthesis ! His presentation is later available on video. He spoke about problem solving, and how we avoid. Mindbugs and mind-boogles. I had the idea this is a combination of Hassan Oezbekhan and John Warfield - summing up their essence on wicket problem solving and the human analytic predicament, individually and collectively.
below in this blog you find this piece about language and being quite, groupthink, and bindbugs

I was allowed to share some thougth about Future and the plural Futures, and how unaware we are of hidden mindsets, and link to the work on Influence Voting and shared deliberations and dialog design. -- you know already - this is everywhere in this blog.... and with Bazon about our Magic Roundtable Rundgespräche und Kreisgespräche (Joseph Beuys). In a nutshell: a great evening and even people who listen and dare wel-packed questions, some even understand & acknowledge & learn. I recommend the Denkerei, as this way to even make a speaker like Birger Priddat re-think and have him change mould, his text and mode of thinking is really rare nowadays.... THANK YOU FOR THE DAYS. Good night and good luck...

I will have to add here some links about mindbugs a group and clan-think - so please come back !!


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