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 Map&View Distortions in Media and Life
picture picture picture 12 Apr 2013 @ 18:12, by Heiner Benking

Very interesting Jour-Fixe sessions yesterday about Media and Development.
Good people, some around for years with topics close to our Anna-Lindh-Forum last week - I will try to connect.
Beside the programme of the FOME Four-Fixe
check out FOME

My greatest surprise was the large world-map on the wall and the Visualization WHAT YOUR FAVORITE MAP PROJECTION SAYS ABOUT YOU. I urge you to go to the xkcd webside and check [link]

I have immeditely updated my flat- and deepworlds webpages as I feel this is a way to communicate to the youth what projections and fidelity, distortion and viewpoints are about, what graphics you use make a lot of difference and how and why we need to challenge and negotiate displays. I immediately also thought about Visual WorldViews in Transition and Visual Demagogy in particular in chapter 3.5 and the Infographics time-line and the whitebox-blackbox-colourbox article as we need to investigate flat and deep schemas and learn about maps and trust and fidelity early in school. As early as possible as the glut of pictures is increasing every minute. I urge for a combination of symbol, icon, and index presentations in supersigns and superstructures, but that is another story...
Maybe you like "OUR VIEW OF LIFE IS TOO FLAT" which I did for the 20th WFSF conference in Turku in 1993 - now the 40th is in June in Bucharest, so stay tuned!

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