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 CCC - Not my department ?
picture picture 30 Dec 2012 @ 22:09, by Heiner Benking

CCC this year in my study-world and times. Unfortunately with me - on-line particiaption is pale and poor - but what can we do!?
I was to busy the last month, as you see, with little blog-entries, but I feel I need to sum-up and synthesize. With Wau Holland we disucced SIGs and GIGs, See his e-mail...

I was atracted since the first announcement by the title: 29C3 - Not my department

far-out - so what is our "department" or "field" ?
I feel I will need to produce an answer ! presenting not only the fields but also to frames and how to negotiate different mind-sets and cosmologies.

More, later, pls see below and come back !!

29C3: 29th Chaos Communication Congress, December 27th to 30th, 2012
CCH Congress Center Hamburg, Germany, Earth, Milky Way

The Event

The 29th Chaos Communication Congress (29C3) is an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.

For 29 years, the congress has been organized by the community and appreciates all kinds of participation. You are encouraged to contribute by volunteering, setting up and hosting hands-on events with the other components of your assembly or presenting your own projects to fellow hackers.

Some basic survival guidelines might come in handy for everything not answered in our 29C3 FAQ. Updated information are covered by the CCC Events Blog or via Twitter (@CCC).

As this website is part of a wiki you can contribute information, too. Login or register an account and go ahead. Refer to the 29C3-wiki-usermanual and the help page for information about using this MediaWiki.

Blog [link]
Twitter @CCC

Digitale Demenz, digitale Diarrhö?
Über Netzpolitik 2012 ein
Gespräch mit Frank Rieger vom Chaos Computer Club

Not only the issue of which fields or subjects, my department or my world I need to take up next year. Let us go for GIGs ! to contrast particulart interest groups:

and let us remember not my field in our Wholeness Seminar highlighting how we are focussed on our ego and self-interest.

HIS: Humane Information Society

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