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 Bishop Tutu Yesterday, US President Carter, German President Gauck, ...
picture picture 18 Nov 2012 @ 17:37, by Heiner Benking

Bishop Tutu Yesterday, President Carter, President Gauck, today what a feast - but also a day of much frustration...

last night I received an interesting link from Peace and Collaborative Development Network - Building Bridges, Networks and Expertise Across Sectors: 'The Frost Interview - Desmond Tutu: Not going quietly'
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the famous Nobel laureate, and one of the world's most respected church leaders, was a central figure in ensuring...

After Senator McGovern is gone, and Jimmy Carter is getting old, though still smart and committed, not like the peanut-farmer stories we learned,.... it is time to speak up ! as Desmond Tutu calls it, and also ACT OUT !!
I covered Carters view of the world and the Carter Map for Africa here (Fig 13): [link]
See not only the New Pantagon Maput also this text about Worldviews in Transition: [link], but when listening to Tutu again, I was spellbond ! He seemed to be the same age, vitality, cheerfulness... i have seen when we were in Nairobi at "Africa Beyond Poverty".... at [link] A long story and fate if you see the outcomes in perspective !! [link] maybe see also. Obama and Africa: Which Worlds on BenkingNews: [link]

Today we have National Mourning Day and our German Statepresident Gauck speaks about RESONSIBILITY. Strongly recommended [link], here the link: hope it gets translated soon. I have met him occasionally and will will him Responisbility with SPACE & TIME HORIZON. [link] (Hans Jonas event for his 90th...) See also the links to the Alfred Wegener Foundation [link] and the "duty" of geo-sciences: [link]
most irgnored and forgotten We did the GLOBAL CHANGE in the German Chancellery, teh LOCAL AND GLOBAL CHANGE opening a geo-science fair and market-place, but all is not event in the history of Environmental Sciences of Gemany, a scanal and clear sign of ignorance: See GLOBAL CHANGE: [link] and IGNORANCE OR COMPASSION?: [link]

Tutu, Gauck, Carter, McConnell, ... maybe I have met to many preachers, but what they preached resonnated well, so I love to go go for it. But how? and alone !?

Coming back to the downturn of today. Preparing to speak about howe to overcome dualism and thinking only in worlds, or only in images, and how to come to an integrated approach ato go bexond the inidividual scoep to shared perspectives .....

The podium disussion today is cancelled 4 hours before it was to start !
leavingv me angry and frustrated, not doing the dialog as expected and not announcing our event next week.... Being underfunded seems to be the "8th sin" >sik>.... Well I need to coverfs this as it about CROSSING BOUNDARIES; COMMUNITIES and MEDIA and ARTS a central topic, see Friday the TEDxBerlin "CROSSING BOUNDARIES".... so stay connecected...

GAUCK: "We are all free, but nobody is free from Responsibility" - see below I hope his speach is getting translated !

"Wir alle sind frei, aber keiner von uns ist frei von Verantwortung"
Die Rede von Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck für eine neue Kultur der Verantwortung

Freiheit ist das große Thema des amtierenden Bundespräsidenten. Joachim Gauck begründet das mit seiner eigenen Biografie als Pastor in der DDR, aber auch mit seiner politischen Überzeugung: Das gemeinsame Unterdrücktsein habe zu intensiven Erfahrungen und zu einer Gegenkultur im Glauben, in der Musik und in Gedichten geführt, die versteckte Botschaften enthielten und das Bewusstsein stärkten.

In einer viel beachteten Rede beim "Führungstreffen Wirtschaft" der "Süddeutschen Zeitung" hat Gauck nun aber auch Grenzen der Freiheit aufgezeigt und darauf hingewiesen, dass Freiheit immer mit Verantwortung einhergehen müsse - und es deshalb nicht nur legitim, sondern nötig sei, auch dem freien Unternehmertum Grenzen zu setzen. Schwarze Zahlen seien kein Grund, rote Linien zu überschreiten. Als Beispiel dafür nannte der Bundespräsident ausdrücklich den Bankensektor, aber auch die Verantwortung jedes einzelnen Konsumenten und Kunden. In unserer Sendung "Kulturfragen" dokumentieren wird das Plädoyer des Bundespräsidenten für diese neue Kultur der Verantwortung in Auszügen.
FULL TEXT (in German: [link])

A young collegue told me over the phone last night how embarrased he was that the Young Business Elites are still trained in the old mold, little has changed, words are one think, acts quite another, to another freinds tells me after hearing Gauck, I have heard little about Gaucks acts to make a difference !!

But how can we make a difference!?
I am totally frustrated now, after preaparing for some hours, and think for 2 weeks, on how to make a difference on a relevant podium - I had hoped - to bring arts & civil society together here in Berlin. Check INTRANSIT and Deople and Dcollective comming here soooooon ...

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