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 Pictures, Pictures, everywhere Pictures. What the heck are Image Sciences doing?
picture picture picture picture picture 31 Oct 2012 @ 17:59, by Heiner Benking

Bilder, Bilder, ├╝berall Bilder. Und was macht eigentlich die Bildwissenschaft?
Es diskutieren: Horst Bredekamp [link] , Bazon Brock [link] , Hubert Burda [link] , Daniel Hornuff [link] , Lambert Wiesing [link] , Wolfgang Ullrich [link] (Moderation)
EVENT [link]
see also HFG announcemet: [link]

Thanks to Bazon and his immense struggle and effort to have such a place to tackle "the impossible" ! In a wide array of events in the last year this panel and setting was a landmark event, unique and special at least for me, as I had a chance to connect efforts of 20 or even 30 years,me struggling with computer graphics and raster imaging in the 80ies and seperated sign-systems to bring together presentation forms. See this WIKIPEDIA Infographics entry [link] and a colellection and timeline about INFOGRAFICS: [link]
Many of the discussands are still lost in the "iconic turn" but in particualar Hubert Burda widened the scene by talking about the frames (of the images). I later spoke from the floor requesting multiple, communicating frames, scaffoldings, maps, models and recalled that Peirce included the index as a "sign". All the panel was in agreement, but did not answer by we got stuck in one "turn" or the "other". Linguistic, Iconic, Schematic,.... Turns - but where are the maps, where is integration, where is orientation between the signs and presentations?
I can only add now an old piece on TURNS and TURFS: a proposal from some years ago: [link]
and this CODATA Signs and Syupersigns presentation: [link]
and finally this "old" contributions: (UNESCO/COB [link] and Council of Europe 1995: [link]
but feel I need to expand this and send to all the Panelists.

THIS NEEDS SOME MORE CARE AND WORK - But I promised to some participants ... more after I have shown these copies around:

├ľffentlichkeit und Medien /Virtual Reality und Cyber Pro/Contra [link]

so here we go "published" event when this critique and this Work on Problems which can not be finally solved needs mcuh more time.

I have reported earlier about the DENKEREI. Please check:
Blankensee Symposium: [link]
Diversity of Mindsets and "Beyond Boxes":

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