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 Knowledge from the Andes - presenting new approaches for old wisdom and practice
picture picture picture picture picture 31 Oct 2012 @ 17:57, by Heiner Benking

Last Sunday we had a very special Dissertation celebration and book presentation, the Andes Knowledge System, Knowing for a Good Life (Buen Vivir)
Leonora Arriagada Peters presented the first of a series of 5 books which present her Magna Cum Laude dissertation she passed exactly one year ago.
There is no website, only one book in German, so I will need some time to present here the essence of what this old, absolutely independent from our theoretical and Applied Knowledge, Ontologies, Epistemologies, Presentation, Logic and Applications can help us to tackle modern Problems, and how we are using already today in manyfold ways: Architecture, Agriculture, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Governance and Mediation.

This independent cosmology which developed in South America has a lot of learnings for us today. It is not only about Commons and how to manage community and hold societies together. The Inka for example not only developed tradiotional agricultural systems, where the crops and vegetables live in a symbiotic way and used today worldwide to grow without pestizides, the MILPA system, of had a "pragmatic" Katari "Pi" as an alternative to our endless Greek "Pi". Central is also the term "pacha" which has no equivalent linking Space-Matter & Time "Spirit" - or check the
Aynina-Method presenting symmetrischen Reciprocity - I need to check later for this translations and material by Leonora Peters which is hopefully available in English.....
And the story goes on and on - here only some "appetizers": uniting and bringing together differences without homogenization, "building bridges", it is a thinking "compass", provides orientation, links formats and scales,....

You see now why I was attracted.

More later. Maybe in-between, why not get the book (if you read German):

I receommend at this point to check out the new Publisher "Wissen schafft Neues" and this ISBN 978-3-943837-00-1
Here a WIKIPEDIA site to get started: [link]

Humboldt and Bolivar as a background for having Southamerica- Europe and Old and New meeting today....

An introduction and positioning of the work of Elinora by Wolfgang Lempert who was in the dissertation committee provided the needed context to understand that is work is not only providing a new slant on fields like anthropology, geometry, building sciences,.... it is in my view a vefry needed example to show that independetnt cohererent systems exist and reinforce and augment the current cultural systems.

Please come back soon...

„[...] This dissertation is an immense contribution
to several fields of sholarship such a Anthropology,
Philosophy, Architecture and Mathematics.“
Prof. Dr. Ramon Grosfoguel
University of California, Berkeley
Maison des Science de l´Homme, Paris

„[...] Diese Dissertation ist ein erster Versuch
ein andines Wissenssystem zu postulieren,
aus einer Reihe von Quellen abzuleiten und vorzustellen.“
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Jürgen Golte
Freie Universität Berlin
Universidad Nacional de San Marcos, Lima

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