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 Theater & Sciences - 222 years ago and reopened today !
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Today was a VERY special day for me. Recall Brandburg Gate !? same architect - same times: The Langhansbau - or Trichinentempel was opened again to the public after years of restauration. Carl Gotthard Langhans? -|Press release:} Langhans? the architect of the Brandenburg Gate ! YES - before Schinkel !! and this is most important to understand German science approaches in the early days of German science, 20 years before the Kaiser-Wilhelm, later called Humboldt University, was founded. And, last not least, the German approach to SCHAU as a central issue in science. What is good about it and what was lost in "the Age of Show" !? maybe check my struggling with spacial and "Schau": Schau versus Show. It makes sense only when you include the direct communication and closeness to the "subject" linking analysis and synthesis togehter and involving the senses to link percepts and concepts. Communcation is a central issue here, adding intro & extro-spection in a shared space, auditorium, theater call it arena, for the sake of SCIENCE it was something new at that time and is now largely ignored/forgotten! They saw the link of Science and Theater, hopefully to serve Humanity - to cure cure pests and also we should not forget, win wars with good transport for armies.

Back to the jewel, lost in Berlins architectural and media awareness, but now available to the public !! - so there is a change here! making it available to community ! - Please check: [link] - more? check [link] - check: [link] - check: [link] - or more general special historic places in Berlin: [link]

Me ? I am excited ! I was involved in a summerschool we dit in the Trichinenbau in the semester 1999/2000, me introduced to the "staging" on the stage, extraordinary at that time and used in theaters but also as I learned in 1978, for the Philharmony in Berlin, (Scharoun/Schinz) and what it meand to closeness, communcation, and interaction.

Seeing this Jewel being reopened today was really a great pleasure and present, even for an observer and "bystander".

The issue of Schau, Science and Culture was very well highlighted in the opening sof the President of the Humboldt University, Professor Olbertz, and I will try present some "nuggets" which resonnate with me and provide perspective here soon...

Here the first news about this new SCIENCE & MEDIA & CULTURE Theater in Berlin:
(some pictures: Das Tieranatomische Theater der Humboldt-Universität an der Charité)
I try to digest and translate this: Animal-anathomic theater at the Humboldt University at the Charité Campus - -- you see we are close SCIENCE and MEDICINE. A topic close to this Blog - maybe scroll down....

I was talking today with some participants at the opening about PAUL WEISS and his roots here in Berlin, in Science, Medicine, System Sciences, .... but also about our summer school here in the TRICHINEN TEMPEL THEATER 13 years ago (1999), a summer school at the dawn of the the new Millenium. Maybe we should revisit that Studium generale. Here a first slide...
of my "pitch" about the NEW MEDIA: in the series: Studium generale Leitthema: Grundzüge der gegenwärtigen Zeitenwende (see bar below) and these announcements [link] from 1999 and my session Jan 2000: [link]

This day is a very special for me as I had heard about the "stage" whcih was a model also for the Philharmony already in 1978 or so from Alfred Schinz. And today I could see a model ! and many "learned" participants spoke about how this was implemented at many stages in the world. A model, as you can see from my page for Herbert Stachowiak, is very important for me, and bringing this together with architecture and theater, dialog and Anschauung as a proper approach for learning was really a present I did not expect, making me very happy.
more to come a.s.a.p. ... [link] - [link] and [link]

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