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 Academies, Futures, Environ Education, Crowd Funding, EcoJustice,.. what a week
picture picture picture picture picture 29 Sep 2012 @ 18:19, by Heiner Benking

The last week was mind-bashing and extremely exhausting.

First see: Global Challenges with National Academies. Little news, too bad, and some concerns - but also some re-encounters....

„Die Rolle der Wissenschaft im Globalen Wandel“ – Jahresversammlung der Nationalakademie Leopoldina
I went because I had hoped to see some learning after the GLOBAL CHANGE exhibiton from 1990 [link] - I found little !

SET the future: Sustainability - Education - Transformation
International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development Environmental Education ! great encounters - great "elder" people and even greater youth !! check it out ! and see FUTURE MAKERS: [link] - - [link] - [link]

Qualified contributions, but about the "state of the environment" as we know it for at least 30 or 40 years. I heard much about "New Thinking" needed, but little on how and where concretely, verbiage fashionable since at least 20 years. I could not resits to ask for "old and new" contrete thinking and deliberative shared decision making collective action without mayorizing minorities, and considering the frame of references as outlined in the work of Elinor Ostrom (slide 3), as mentioned in the AGORA presentation (below). I hope we are getting a documentation of this outstanding event with outstandig experts and a large group of youth primarily from India, South Africa, Mexico, *** finishing their training year, or starting the next. A great idea to get these 3 distinct groups together !!

Next this week: Revisting the OCA in Chania: Eco-justice and the OCA and interesting and important effort to bridge Justice and multi-track Diplomacy, Peacemaking, Democray/Dialogue ... check the conference and our session!

Connecting dots and issues across scales, sectors, and cultures
see the Presentation to be used here and there: [link]

SAPREJ-12: Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice Institute of Theology and Ecology of the OAC, International Ecological and Multidisciplinary Conferences "Religion and Science can provide solutions for sustainability problems“ - September 29, 2012, Channia, Greece
[link] - [link]

more later, we only have now presented: It was a great successful presentation with Maria, Aleco, Yiannis,... Come back for the updated slides and documentation/publications later !

Struggling for SEED FUNDING - Angela the Pheonix of from the Ashes (see below) and our MediTerra project [link] looking into Flight and Migration around the ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION and how to bring awareness not only to the media, but the public ! [link]

Presently I listen to one of my media heros since long: Sir David Attenborough - University of Surrey. Check "JIM MEETS": Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of Physics and Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey hosts an audience with Sir David Attenborough - live at University of Surrey, Guildford

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