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 Harvesting at Campus Party in Berlin
picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture 25 Aug 2012 @ 09:38, by Heiner Benking

This is the day Tim Berner-lee just arrived at Campus Party I still grappple and grope with the main stage elites-vanity-elders-visionary keynotes the last days, more and most about Don Topscott yesterday and his "pitch". As kant wrote: kant already wrote about fullness and emptyness, concepts and percepts, flat and full. So how do we tackle after 200 years old & new terms and contests/cultures !?

The problem is that such eminent people pretend that they know and do something "new" when they only re-invent the wheel, only address wording, labeling and framing !! we call in German "Plastic-words" - words you bend to serve individual or group-think, interests and turfs. More on groupthink which I mentioned (below) and in contrast to the wisdom of the people here.

I am presently listing FUTURICA TRILOGY FUTURICA TRILOGY , presented by Alexander Bard at Pythagoras Stage !! not a big potatoe on "main stage", maybe a mid-size potatoe but providing orientation and insight into what is up here at the Campus. He is heading the Google ThinkTank. A Freak and Philosopher, I really enjoy, refreshing ! about the differnt worlds, the consumption vs participation universe, .... while I am listening with much joy while preparing for my BarCamp "call to action" at 17:00 at the cross-point booth/stage and think about Giesecke and his MYTHS on hte BOOK CULTURE & the VISIONS OF THE INFORMATION AGE [link] (maybe only in German) and: [link] Maybe they should meet, I will try to arrange....

Please check the keynotes and maybe listen into SIR TIM BERNERS-LEE starting right now:

after "high noon" all was different. I did not even attend the Sir Tim keynote - but learned it was as to be expected".... but stayed on with Alexander Bard ! we continued and continued not in Q&As as is the usual after lectures - but me trying to keep the group of "followers" together in a circle, having them talk TGOGETHER and then move to the MEDIA LOUNGE and continue there in what I often do in MEDIA / DELEGATES DIALOGUES. A format we continued event when the scheduled official CAMPUS INTERVIEW took place, sharing deep, practical wisdom and not only staying on and on but inviting for my 17:30 BARCAMP "pitch" later today. We continued until Sir Tim was already back into the VIP area. But we did not move to the neighbouring Lounge - but continued, sharing ID's Visions and Views.... until Me and Alex were starved..... REPORT with pictures later.....

Finally we had the Final & official last pitch at the CAMPUS PARTY - I spoke as I had schemed early as the last public presentation of this CAMPUS PARTY. I dared, sticked my neck out, and proposed were I feel we need to go, specially in view of all the keynotes we took-in this CAMPUS PARTY.

I was very happy and feet we need to get this going after 20+ and 40+ years. To see what I mean check the Video (asap) !!!! , some pictures, and slides .... on the way....
The video looks greats - need editing - Here a glimpse at the slides - 1/4 of what was availble and what I was able to show to some....
here the Title: SHARING _ CARING - DARING in G L ocal
intersectorial, multi-modal and inter-generational multi-lingual and cross-scale
worlds of participation empowering and negotiating deliberating, participation in MEANING CREATION and Shared Action Spaces

WHAT I FEEL: I FTHINK I WAS DARING & STARK in my 5 minutes to talk about futures creation and sharing for comming to action with ethics which empower stakeholder and "re-invent" democracy and deliberation and community building through futures design and collectively harvesting the wisdom of the people and including minority views and "others", other mindsets and other models..... But what I feel it needs is to get down concretelys and beyond words to the ground and really shared bottom-up approaches. Maybe for the ENTREPRENEUSHIP GARAGE indigogo.... I will try next week..... So please come back - maybe we should also apply for teh WORLD PROBLEM SOLVING APPS of Don Tapscott !! cu soon !! good night and good luck !

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