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 Water war & peacemaking. WATER FIGHT DAY @ CAMPUS PARTY II
picture picture picture picture picture picture 23 Aug 2012 @ 21:50, by Heiner Benking

Thrilling - I came to hear a keynote by YOSSI VARDI and stayed on till now, midnight....
Yossi is a very special person, we will meet again soon! Don Tapscop was already take on steam in a panel this afternoon, and we agreed I ask my question to him again from the floor tomorrow after his 12:00 keynote. So I am comitted for another visit....
Nice meeting on special invitation this evening with the key woman speakers in the Prenzlberg... so meeting the young "the best and the brightest"... [more]

But I want to report on "world water war and peace" a great exercise at 1 pm - I will show some pictures and a video below. Water Peace making is really an exciting group performance !! raising awareness about water wars and global peacemaking. Please see our [link] site and more ... and please come back tomorrow !!

"tomorrow" note:: Sorry observers, I was tooooo busy this Friday. But a friend features the event nicely: So excuse and Visit: FOCUS ONLINE and see you on Saturday for "harvesting".... Maybe on Friday note: Don Tapscott he was well received, did the typical Toronto view of the world inside "pitch" as the helmsman and admiral of future thinking for the world - must be a joke !

He said he is not ready yet with his world design, but as a good starter he requests a deliberation culture. Toearsd this end he invented a new "taxonomy" when I feel is already right there since 20-30+ years ! I feel we need concretely shared meanings and contexts!! in assemblies of stakeholders, risktkers and drivers !! not on-lookers !! Meanwhile check this, our Rio+20 "blurb": [link] and my Eulogy for the "mMther of the Commons" Elinor Ostrom: [link] ....

So hang-out for Saturday.
Don agreed with me and in fron of the audience on the need for other forms of voting and deliberation cultures. THE QUESTION is HOW !! I spoke from the floor about relevance/priority versus influence voting and I was told the book/primer he was will to take and ready on the way for his next stop-over "conference hopping" what a "priviledge"... well see the title and his quest to the audience about forming gloabl problem solving apps. My replique was:. "they are all there" - check it out: as I gave it to Don for his way an the nexts stops on his "conference hopping" tour. A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures !!! SDP Process.

Maybe his should be the next on his reading list as much of his stuff he requested to be done is there and awaits his "Global Problem Solving Apps" getting in touch with the work done before the internet. Check for example these Encyclopedia of WORLD PROBLEMS AND HUMAN POTENTIAL, ACTIONS; OPTIONS STRATEGIES (vol.3) since maybe 10 years and updated by the "Clearinghous of International organisation, the UIA in Brussels" and also nowadays the Union of Intelligible Associations (UIA) see the GLOBAL STRATEGIES PROJECT published in a couple of volumes [link] see also the old INTERLINKAGE projects: [link] and the Pointers to Possibilities: "WE TURN":

You might want to check the interrelationship of databases: [link] and this "CLIMATIC CHALLENGE" from 1995: [link]

Don Tapscott is unknowingly !? re-inventing wheels and reinforcing / supporting the original idea of "Dropping Knowledge" but basing on works 40+ years ago ! See my interviews in Europe'sWorld with Chriastakis: The Predicament of the Individual, Communities, and Humankind in the 21st Century - 19-09-2011
Learnings and Vistas based on revisiting 40 years "Global Problematique" - 12-02-2010

I feel we need to open the space between groupthink and the widom of the people, and get closer to the matter on when to believe nin "swarm intelligence" and when to be QUITE, and check the meanings... I will stop here close to midnight. This is the booklet done by students in Australia whcih needs to be translated a.s.a.p. !!! and more as you know can be alway found at my 21stCenturyAgora jumppage or this blog on what is going on in the field of: dialog design, futures design, poetry-making and policy-making, multi-track policy- and peace-making.... well I prepare my "pitch in the BAR CAMP Friday 17:30 - so please come back as it is getting late Good Night and Good Luck !!

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