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 Blackbox-Whitebox - a great day for me, I discovered W. Powers
picture picture 29 Jul 2012 @ 15:22, by Heiner Benking

Thanks bulldozer. I found through your blog: Extrapolation, Abstraction, Modelling [link] how close my model-exponat from 1990 was well explained and thought-out by Powers in his book: “Behaviour: The Control Of Perception“. [link]

I called it a Whitebox/Blackbox. It had a bright lamp inside, so you could see illuminated frames windows into "mother nature" for inspection/introspection, we call now immersive virtual augmented realities.

Phantastic what this Bill Powers did already in 1973. I just checked Powers in the Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics, 15 entries ! quite extraordinary. I looked as his use of the concept of the white-/black-box is very close of my building a white box-transparent and back box-opaque exhibit in 1990. [link] Please check also here in the Encyclopaedia: [link] I just decided to write in my blog about this finding your nugget think-piece. Thank you very much ! When looking at your text the KYBERNIAK of Herbert Stachowiak comes to mind ! You should check it out. Maybe jointly !? Herbert did the General Model Theory and the Systematic Neo-Pragmatism (5 volumes). enjoy: [link] & [link]

I just did these Figures in 3-d or embodied, so we can spacially see, share, negotiate. Maybe some figures below can provide an idea what I mean and what was built: Maybe check "our view of Life is too flat" [link]
Important here is not only to define another reference-space, but link it to the geographic/conventional "Nature-Space" locations, and to multi-lingual switching spaces for linking to for example multi-lingual library information-indexing/repositories. Check out: Concept and Context Mapping [link] and the Cognitive Panorama here: [link]

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