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 Cube or Dome? Mosques-New Ways of Building
picture picture 27 Jul 2012 @ 11:46, by Heiner Benking

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Cube or Dome - Mosques. New Ways of Building [link]

"What makes a Mosque a Mosque? is the opening question.
The section entitled "(In)Visibility" is special interest to me.
In the "Encounters" section we see links between classical forms of building and ponders about opening up to other religions. There is a catalogue with 144 pages
check it out !

Artists'/Chapter: Haseeb Ahmed, Azra Aksamija, Johannes Buchhammer, Boran Burchardt, Wilfried Dechau.

I recommend press news here: [link]

I had a long exchange with a former collegue who was also involved in the late 60ies and early 70ies in Mecca and Saudi Arabia and we discussed modesty and style. I will see to ahve his statement made available here. **** We also discussed about the expereinces I had in the mid 70ies about how to orient Mosques in view of the discussions in the web about mosques being build later not directed towards Mecca. A story I need to tell one day !!

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