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picture picture picture 19 Jul 2012 @ 18:19, by Heiner Benking

deep day the last days before the "summer" holidays.
Many forget that our summers are paradise for others, as the Sheik who said "when the Oil came, the Water went" I cited below, was invited to Germany and said: this is Paradise, why he experienced humidity like in the orchard, like in a sanctuarity, like in paradise..

This as a prelude, I saw very intering film yesterday and the day before.

Check out: Voices of Transition, [link] the producer was with us at the BBAW at
I recommend Transition Towns: [link], - [link]
and also the other contributions of F.FIZE: f.ize - Forum Internationale Zusammenarbeit für Nachhaltige Entwicklung: [link]

and the foundation helping with the event: futur2 - here another example of their well verses and deep support of relevant activities. Here the other WorldCafe "rounds" to learn "difference making". Murks Nein Danke!: [link], Initiative Möckernkiez: [link], Gemeinwohl Ökonomie: [link]

last minute we visited: Entrepreneurship Lab LIFE [link] enjoy!

but before I heard about the Summit of NewThinking - great names, but the people doing it, like RE:PUBLICA... check: and Claudia Brückner

But what really turned me on was DESIGN & THINKING, I felt like at home. They shoed a great video interviewing many friends, ot least citing friends.....

So I recommed the video: [link] check it out and lets see what the possibilites and potentialities of reality creation are. by the way I am presntly listening into Storydealer in the German radio: [link] CHECK it out, as Constuctivism is Questioned about the means and the ends !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

I will check in here again and again - pls. come back !

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