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 Global Viral - VIRUS-VIRAL getting real for grasping and groping
picture 15 Jul 2012 @ 18:33, by Heiner Benking

How far are we behind the Moon?? here in Berlin - even at a press screening?
Anyway all press takes are over and we can see the film hitting the street next week !

GLOBAL VIRAL - yes I feel we need to go deeper - remember grappling and mind boogling her in this blog !? So grappling, grasping and groping ! is what we need!
We played with the scales and proportions of scaling issues in metaphors and analogies, see about VIEWPOINT TRANSPORTATION systems and the impact of our mindsets for what we create for a Humane whatever: [link] See also: [link] One concern was always to be a ferment, lasting and seeding, and not as a catalyst, bringing and blowing-up for the surprise possible.... or not.

The film is using a hot topic, what if a Virus is and maybe more than a Megaphor?
The film is called GLOBAL VIRAL by Oliver Lammerts und Madeleine Dewald. It is not only about the evolutional potential and dimensions of cultural metaphors, and how we come to grips with them. Are we emotionally and intellectually "touched" or fall into ignorance or apathay ?? or do we speak up, caring about like wistleblowers not only about us, and maybe our kins, but the group, the nation, the world. We played with spatial-spacial metaphors not just for interface design, but to expand out thinking and shring and reasoning: [link]

As as sacrifying people saying NO - but speaking up nand taking risks: SHARING_CARING_DARING.... which I cite often... SCALES more than size, but pro portions and consequnces (Buzakot) ***

So we have a conflict not just of interests, but of levels !! and how they interact, ovelap, how fields, patterns, memes relate and react !! Somehow our CITYFLOW theme the last days ! I mentioned what is on the way for Michel Foucaults 30th death commemoration. About Values and Security and Trust ! check: [link]

WE need to care about the topologies, heterotopologies, the who what where why when where? in short the context ! I recall Aby Warburg !! and his library and community concerns and one of his students, Kim Veltman ! check him out, he is deep and across scales and cultures and ways to present: See WHO-WHAT-WHERE-WHEN-HOW-WHY? [link]

So is the invisibel less or more dangerous !? is it a global or glocal virus? even across issues and not just sectors? an in-betweener !?? and is he good or bad? doomed for the BAD or for the GOOD ? as cut-ups ! - gutartig (opposite to malicious) as William S. Burroughs, pointed out and made real for our imagination in movies. So there we are with Nietsche and challenges ! At this point I can only like to our ROBUST PATHS, but that meant to watch out, look-out, and consider testing in isolation and scaling. These recommendations from 1994 is really wht the film is about! Manage we all we can, eat we can, cause we can ?? Or do we need another awareness and policy sensibility? responsibel for what we cause, emotionally and intellectually ! as it can spread faster than we think, normally ..... but maybe this film is a wake-up call.

So what are the "ends" what is inflcited, by whom at which scale and with which power to penetrate, conquer, and survive.... and wher are we in here? I allways cite:: ART OF GOVERNANCE - Regierungskunst. Maybe new for you:

so what is open-waht is closed ? what is inclusige and exclusing and dangerous, incredible or helpful/healing?

check the Film and Trailer
Global Viral Die Virus-Metapher Trailer: Mehr Videos

more soon !

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