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 Leibniz, Goethe, Wikimedia Zedler Price .... what a weekend...
picture picture picture picture 1 Jul 2012 @ 20:21, by Heiner Benking

What a weekend - we have the European Soccer Final tonight, but yesterdays Leibniz Day and Goethe Intitute's president Lehmann and Wikedia Academy's prize today are definitely more thrilling, at least for me.

The Leibniz Lecture from Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, head of the Goethe-Institute in Germany was my "star of hope". I expected much from his "Competence in World-Understanding" (Kompetenz in Weltverständnis- Was Auswärtige Kultur- und Wissenschaftspolitik leisten kann) [link]
I feel "Competences" is a topic we really need to put more focus on ! Maybe I am too high in my expectations but I feel the competence and ability to share orientation and overview is so essential in our times, that I can not resist to insist and mention again and again... Here more for later: [link] but what I heard from Lehman was definitely not what I expected - I had hoped for - given all our talks on GOOGLE, classification and challenges .... to set a sign in the light of Goethe, Humboldt, . .. Maybe even Ritter !? See: [link]

More rewarding and interesting on Sunday afternoon was a prize award session for "Free Knowledge" by the Wikimedia Academy. The highlight in my eyes was the Zedler-Preis (Award) 2012 for Free Knowledge for the Austrian Monuments Cultural Conservancy in Category II: Community-Projects. Other prices for projects like “Fukushima” and “VroniPlag” need to be mentioned as well, but I feel the power of establishing community around common issues, may it even the documentation of cultural heritage, providing services no public agency is able to provide - and at the same time develop identification and awareness is definitely a very special project setting examples for future projects.
Check also: [link]

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