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 TEDx Berlin at google's new premises
picture 22 Jun 2012 @ 12:53, by Heiner Benking

This afternoon I check again into TEDx in Berlin.
Join us ! STEPHAN BALZER has just kicked-off the new event. Check out the movers and shakers of this Berlin endeavour, the TEDxBerlin Steering Committee: [link]


I recommend these TAGS: Architecture Art Berlin Conference Desert Design Development Doha Engineering Future High Energy Ideas Life Music Nature Performance Red Onion Renewables Science Solar Energy Speaker Stephan Balzer Sustainability TED TEDx TEDxBerlin TEDxBerlin 2010 TEDxBerlin 2011 TEDx organizer TEDxSummit
and will come back a.s.a.p

I am presently listening to JACOB BILABEL Groove to save the world - The Green Music Initiative. He speaks about DOING - not THINKING
to make audience by thriving and "burning" and lighten - enlighten people - using Music - engaging the public ! - It makes me think about BURNING MAN... Well let us think about this and other forms of cultural expressions... and combining them not for single issue "shots".

Now Achmed Khammas is on ! check New and other forms of Energy creation, his Sustainable Energy - Throughout history and in future times !! and before we had Ken Yeang, speaking form my heart as I was hopeing for this in the late 70ies in town- and stateplanning. Meeting Ken will be my first priority ! check his talk !!
MORE to come....

A recording of "Peter Diamindis" Abundance is our future I fully agree with him - we should send it to Randers and Krull !! He speaks about handprints of 5000 - not just Footprints !! See MINDPRINTS - but we should make TA's Technology Assessments and not buy into any "quick fix" or single issue shot. Recommendations are here: GLOBAL CHALLENGES Nairobi, Africa Beyond Poverty, 1995 and for more on global change challenges: [link]

and also: [link] and the prolific writings of Anthony Judge: Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present

Werner Aisslinger's talk about his "Plantation Chair" - I feel it like ZERI Gunter Pauli and Cradle2Crade Michael Braungart and adding Design to it. Recommended ! I will check his roots soon !

Last is Gesine Schwan. She wants to Advance European Integration Through Good Governance ! Her story is like memory times and like a good professor always does teaches basics... but I hear/see no nugget, no news, little ways and means... telling us to do things together and check our lifestyles and mindsets.
She tells us to form a consensus society, something I see on the way, see Christakis and GLOBAL AGORAS and find in history of the Ages, see Wiredu and Oruka: [link]

- I definitely find our pitches at the Brandenburg Gate (also with google - see !?) check: Freedom of Expression - Speakers Corner the programme, Gesines contribution and maybe my "pitch": (YouTube) [link]

The next TEDx will be at the IFA the global innovation show. Maybe check by Facebook message as the title Future 3.0 or Futures 4.0 is a topic very dear to me as voting without meaning is like Witeling in the dark !! See the Errernous Priority Effect (EPE) and more on the - maybe also see these Interviews in Europe'sWorld.

maybe also check my Facebook texts: TEDxBerlin

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