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  Erfurt Stiftertag & Halle, Leopoldina, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker' 100 years
picture picture picture 21 Jun 2012 @ 21:16, by Heiner Benking

What dense and deep days, these days.
I still did nt recover from "paradise" last weeked, nor the Stiftertag in Erfurt to discuss Rio+20 real and virtually ! serce to Humanity and Commons, but having to move on today for a very special symposium and prize award lecture. [link]

The Leopoldina awards the Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker - 2012 to Professor Jürgen Baumert [link]
and the symposium is of the first and fines calibre we have in Germany, so a must specailly when it is on the way.. Check out an extraordinary programme on Physics, Philosophy, and Peace Research" Leopoldina-Tagung „Physik, Philosophie und Friedensforschung”.
Rushing in a nutshell, I am frustrated nothing new from these fields or from the gathering of Foundations in the light or on the scale we we have to cope with glocally.

I hope I find times to re-collect and collect for Futures to come...... and make some recommendation in the light of what we do in Toronto (CGI & IHTEC) and Geneva (GYC) since soo many years and have up-dated for Rio+20. Maybe someone still reads and puts it into context and makes efforts towards chaning not a singel issues, but takling the "Problematique" (see: and Özbekhan and Christakis in this blog).

Besides: I liked the Sustainability Islands at the Foundations Day very much. See the Icons below. But they should have been documented and connected. Like this is was a host of treasures in isolation and beyond the scope and interest of the typical foundations representatives. I hope to know - connect - transcend, but when real light-towers are presented the Experts condem as it is not their field and beyond their scope and interest. Much on this I wrote in Ignorance or Comapssion? (PDF) [link]
another example !? Check the work and ICC of Ingetraud Dahlberg: here the Discussion in ETHICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES "Forum of Deliberation Culture", here discussion impuls "Nomenclature culture in the social sciences" and my contribution: [link]


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