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 Eulogy for ELINOR OSTROM: Sharing Commons and Frames & Signs that Matter
picture picture 15 Jun 2012 @ 22:03, by Heiner Benking

I am in deep shock but also shaken and I remember happier times...
This can not be true, she was still so young and alive. What is on the verge to be born is a view and connection between the "other" old and new Commons, though embryonic, ... and now I have to understand and learn that Elinor has left this place. But the work - not the commonomnipresent show and entertainment - needs to go on !!!

In the middle of summing up her lecture at the TU-Berlin and full of extras pooring in since Stockholm and Copenhagen I have waited too long for giving a present and thanks back in return for Elinor.

She gave me courage and compassion in difficult times, encouraged me to keep on trucking, even when she told me - maimeutic processes take more than a generation to find new ears and new thinking - hopefully strongly building on the wisdom of the pasts.

I know her from the Lynton Caldwell times, she later took over his Bentley Professorship in Bloomington and Victor and Caldwell were very close - for me sometimes like twins. So I "inherited" as a contact a very noble, deep, wise, and friendly person, always calm and listening, subsuming and resonating well - just as I remember Ralph Siu - and definitely I only met few people ofthat "calibre". For Elinor’s and Lynton’s tribute I feel we should revisit the answer he asked his colleagues in 1998: "Is Humanity Destined to Self-Destruct?" and I feel their both answer would have been pondering deeply on how to make a difference and think differently. My token was the concern of how we think, conceptualize, communicate and present and how to avoid flatness and cognitive flaws. Maybe see later: Show or Schau?.

What I would love to share at this point?
maybe the slides we did with the Nobel Peace Laureates a month before she received the Nobel Price in Economics in Oslo, to hopefully bridge the "classes" "faculties" of Laureates, and help to outline Elinor’s achievements, mission and quest on the summary slide No. 3. More slides are available on slideshare as there we discussed challenges!

When study how the media covered her receiving the Nobel Prize and now how little attention is given to her departure I am getting very sad and angry. Is the education so poor and compassion not existent? then this is the real tragic.

I recommend this Eulogy: (PDF) prepared as a handout by me - so follow the link to the original ! at the GLOBAL AGORAs website, the text by Thomas Flanagan: Elinor Ostrom … alas, we knew you all too poorly.

#Needless to say that I fullheartedly agree with Tom and recommend his poetic writing style for an eulogy.

I also recommend:
The Woman Who Just Might Save the Planet and Our Pocketbooks
By Fran Korten and Elinor Ostrom, YES! Magazine
Posted on March 14, 2010, Printed on March 16, 2010

WORK IN PROGRESS - QUARRY: (to be deleted)

James leaves shortly for a whirlwind trip offering 12 seminars in 12 days, organized by the School of Commoning and Peter Challen, Christian Council for Monetary Justice. James is an integral part of Kosmos Associates and is a globally renowned commons theorist/activist, policy analyst, and founder of the Global Commons Trust. To learn more about the series and to read a statement from James about the integration of all 12 seminars click here.


Our world has been co-opted by corporations in collusion with governments, creating a society based on commodities and money rather than on the deep values that honor us as sensitive and caring human beings. Many of us have not yet realized the drastic consequences of this grab for power and resources. The Commons is catalyzing a citizens movement to reclaim our water, air, seas, our science, knowledge, internet freedom, values and more. As a third force of power along with markets and states the commons is the missing link that represents the People.


bekannt - re Ostrom ? slide 3: Slides from the PEACE LAUREATS in Berlin 2009
see: FOLIE 3:
How about that for a beginning?
Elinor Ostrom, Economy and Political Sciences, Nobel Prize Lecture, Dec, 8., 2009


Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action Ostrom, Elinor, Cambridge
University Press, 1990
Understanding Institutional Diversity Ostrom, Elinor, Princeton, Princeton University Press. 2005.
Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice Ostrom, Elinor and Hess,
Charlotte, Editors, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2006

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