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 Eulogy: Ernest Callenbach: Ecotopia and Ecumenopolis
picture picture picture 12 May 2012 @ 21:57, by Heiner Benking

Ernest Callenbach pasted away - and I was shakened - a last "call" ? as some reviewers and messengers put out ?
Tom Engelhardt writes

EARNEST Ernst wrote the earnest and highly recommended "Epistle to the Ecotopians" which was found like a testament just on his computer. We should not only study his last words carefullys, but live it together and help others towards it!! I I encouage you to check the meaning of the word EPISTLE carefully: [link]
This piece is typically for our late Earnest - Ernest - Ernst: calling for deeping thinking, sermon, articaulate wording, and shared reflection and action! Read Ernst's 10 Commandments: [link]

I learned only this morning the sad truth that Ernest Callenbach is not with us any longer, he passed away April 16, but has left us a message which was found on his computer maybe as an auto-eulogy?: His Epistle to the Ecotopians. See the link above.

I was a fan of him when I met him first in Berkeley in the early 70ies, his Ecotopia musing still "in the air", and you know how long it took to get "on air", and every since. In the late 90ies we had some more time together in Bremen at a conference, together with Rüdiger Lutz and Uwe Möller, SG of the Club of Rome, we shared a panel on the Concretion of Humane, Ecological Futures/Utopias and Community Building.

Why I mention ECUMENOPOLIS? We talked about it, as it defines a shared schema, maybe an invisible repeatable, explorable "grid". See Anthony Judge on the matter in his "Pointers to Possibilities"
In my view and understanding Callenbach and Doxiadis where of the same “calibre”, but definitely can not be compared, as they were on sharing common realms and concerns. Technologies, cultures, regions, and mind-sets were naturally very different – as far as I can see.

Ernest has left a very nice paper, and epistle for us which I can only recommend strongly.
He writes about an America in Decline ..... see [More]

He writes about an America in Decline and definitely I would love to fight over every word that he he means a “World in Transition”. But this is to late now, so we better stop arguing ...

I mentioned above Ecotopia and not in contrast to Ecumenopolis. I asked him about Ecumenopolis but we did not get anywhere. I feet it is the same thing !
You can check Ernest’s Ecotopia and how Doxiadis and Christakis unsed it in the 70ies and now. See Europe'sWorld.

We later explored eumene, ecology/oikos, economy, ecudomy, … with some orthodox priests but also in at ECOTHEE: 2007 [link] and 2008: (PDF) [link]
It can be ONE but also different at the same time, all depending on situational contexts, which people in which relation involved... Today I had some exchange about this - ** - so little time for this late “eulogy”.

Words for “Worlds in Transition” or “Words for an America in Decline ?
Quite a difference – we should explore here later… ! See 2052 blog earlier this week !

I was busy around ecology - economy - ecudomy - ecumene all day and how to communicate this to the Youth [link], I feel ECOTOPIA and the link to Doxiadis/Christakis with ECUMENOPOLIS need to be revisited as an ideal opener to the theme of identity, position, perspectives and negotiating "new terrains".
I will add here more a.s.a.p.: pictures, homestage, backstage,... but now I am just sadened and worried as he was not the guy for a "last call with a negative stance" but to act jointly towards CITIZENS LEGISLATURE and EMPOWERING PUBLIC WISDOM.

What a loss !! specially as we need after the Ecotipia's Prequel ecotopia emerging the next plot, furtures creation and realization.

more to come

I just found this on TOM ATLEE's site: [link]
and thought about DEMOSOPHIA: [link]

enjoy !

Ernest Callenbach – Wikipedia [link]

Ernest Callenbach (* 3. April 1929 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania; † 16. April 2012 in Berkeley, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller, Journalist ...
Roman »Ökotopia« - »Ente« über Callenbachs Lebenslauf
Ökotopia – WikipediaÖkotopia

Ökotopia. Notizen und Reportagen von William Weston aus dem Jahre 1999 ist ein Zukunftsroman von Ernest Callenbach aus ...
Ernest Callenbach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, [link]

Ernest Callenbach, speaking at USF. Ernest Callenbach (April 3, 1929 – April 16, 2012) was an American writer and simple living adherent.
Ernest Callenbach, [link]
WELCOME TO ERNEST CALLENBACH'S WEBSITE. (April 3, 1929 – April 16, 2012). For more information about Ernest Callenbach contact Richard Kahlenberg ...

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