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 Horst Eberhard Richter has passed away
picture 20 Dec 2011 @ 15:41, by Heiner Benking

I am sadened learning that Horst Eberhard Richter passed away yesterday, age 88. What a loss. A psychoanalyst who cared for not only the individual and groups, but the psychy of the societies and nations.
We have seen him only recently with full energy and spirit, fighting spirit for Humans, Justice, Health, and Peace at the recent IPPN meeting and now he is gone... Nobody talking and talking from the floor with such a vevre... With Bernard Lown and Horst Eberhard Richter I had the chance to meet the premier movers and spirits for Peace and Survival at IPPNW: International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. See: [link] and the Blog: [link]

RECIPES FOR SURVIVAL - 30 years physicians & physicsts for Peace / against War
Presently revisting milestones from 30 years IPPNW. Gottstein and Horst-Eberhard Richter were a moment talking I strongly recommend to check the programme and website.

See also The Nuclear Free Future Award - IPPNW & 25 years Tschernobyl in 2011

Rushing now I only want to resvist the little hand-out I did on his request after a statement form the floor at his 80th birthday celebrations: Increasing the Horizon of Compassion & And Reducing the Scale and Degree of Suffering in the World - Den Horizont des Mitgefühls erweitern & Das Maß des Leidens in der Welt reduzieren

What a loss ! Sadened Heiner Benking

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