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 Václav Havel - left this place
picture 18 Dec 2011 @ 17:36, by Heiner Benking

Václav Havel has left this world today ... He very dear to us, here I want to focus on his efforts with the Council of Europe in the Early 90ies, he was ill when we after years of preparation had this event, he continued but many ideas seem to have been lost: NEW IDEAS IN SCIENCE AND ART - A New Space for Culture and Society
We looked with his brother into the big picture of governace and civil society but it it sadening how little if anything we progresses after the wall came down...
Maybe someone is ready these days for this eulogy in view of governance and civil society and community building, the need to unite and look "beyond".
I hope you care to check a critical period into looking into the fabric that connects: the Longing for Unified Knowledge an essay by Václav's brother Ivan Havels.

Maybe it is time and a good idea to celebrate the urge of the need to unite and bridge the incompatible... an original drive of responsibleesharing caring and taking responsible action beyond the individual urges ...

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