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 7 Billion People - 1 Billion EURO
picture 31 Oct 2011 @ 14:31, by Heiner Benking

What time we live in! We provide umbrellas nobody can imagine. We share our Planet Earth with 7 Billion people. ALLIANZ-"knowledge"

There were people thinking about giving the poor, maybe only one third of the human population a few dollars each to settle the mess. What strange thinking, trying to adress only one issue with tunnel-vision, just as all budget planners do. Use the Gisskanne und the Rasenmäher like if they only I/O or plus/minus like scissors in their head.

I remember prepareting for the UN Population Summit in 1994 for 1995 to use Hyper-IBIS to address the wicked problems. Today I would also/additionally use the Structrured DIALOGIC DESIGN approaches to see how the problems and patterns and mindsets connect. Please see the work to link the MDG's and the 47 Continuous Problems which I covered in my presentation 2 weeks ago ....and come back later.

We were even in these years proposing "Robust Paths to Global Stability" - what a busy and engaged time, with lots of hope and engagement.... Now, today we reached the 7 Billion mark and so it seems time to look back, in anger, agony, frustration, ....

Yesterday at the ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT we leaned that the oil-prize is about to climb from 1970 - 2020 - in only 50 years 100 times. We spoke about Water, blue - grey - virtual water and that our policy makers to not have the faintest groping and grappling with numbers in time and space. What a mess ! A mess along with the "Mess" Christakis always mentions, citing Churchmann, Jantch, Ozbekhan,.... what a nightmare and we do not even adress space and time concretely, develop antennas or rulers, so we do not get entangeld with 000's or 000.000's.
I can only invite to check the Pointers to Possibilities Anthony Judge outlined so nicely for me: Pointers Relevant answers have been given when Lynton Caldwell asked: "Is humanity destined to self-destruct?" description.
- but maybe this was too early for the digital I/O minds we are encountering today.. See: Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and maybe (White Paper): this presentation.

MORE TO COME .... oooops - it is already Tuesday...

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