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picture picture picture 26 Oct 2011 @ 12:45, by Heiner Benking

The Summit 2011 has started a moment ago: [link]

I will moderate a workshop on Water - maybe join in? [link]
This is the programme: [link]

more later, maybe check the LABOR in-between: [link]

me, personally? I moderted the "water" impulse Sunday Evening - maybe see also "Popualtion and Water" in this blog tomorrow !! I presnted a lot on the work on WATER, TECHNOLOGY and HUMANITY (see this blog, maybe stat here: [link] or [link] or [link]) but the central theme was campaign building if a central piece of our survival is "out in the air" "WATER", a real entrepreneurial spirit effort is needed.

What else? We supported Marilyn Wilhelm now the third time at the Summit. Pleae check her fare-well Anna-Lindh-Salon on Tuesday Nov. 1st after trying to catch breath two days after the summit. Enjoy the Anna-Lindh-Salon programme ! and maybe join in on Tuesday or later any time! [link]
Meanwhile, as we worked on Dialog Formats in the Labor, maybe you like:

Entrepreneurship Summit 2010: Farah Lenser & Heiner Benking from entrepreneurship on Vimeo.

or this link about a format "experiment": Invited guest: Kurt Hanks ( The Visualizer, Mindset Mapping, see Domain) and other Honorary and Surprise Guests (see report with participants) to experiment with Dialog and Conferencing formats. Rules of the game. See also the Experiment-Documentation.

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