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 Global Youth Conference (GYC) 2011
picture picture 17 Oct 2011 @ 18:37, by Heiner Benking

I just finished my talk about SDD & DIGITAL PETERS - tomorrow we sum up at UNEP's Verte conference and deliver as always to the "right" people.... [link] VIDEO to come...
I will see that my prsentations from Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011 are also soon avaible nicely in a series of videos - maybe we make it a suite?

The concerence is overshadowed by our Nicola being operated today for 5 hours. So is Life.
I recommed to check out YOUTH outcomes tomorrow and wait for the video - as always in top quality. I was for GYC now the 3rd time in Geneva - it is as always a breakthrough, challenging, and worth all the efforts.

Heiner Benking Interview von Earth_Focus_Foundation

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