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 Women of the year & the AGORA Castle exercise
picture picture 24 Sep 2011 @ 20:26, by Heiner Benking

Yesterday was a full, exhausting day, but also thilling and exciting. First the WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2011 award Dinner and celebrations and then till late in the night discussing the BERLIN castle and the AGORA.

Dr. Angela Dammann received the award and Prof. Dr. Jutta Almendinger. spoke free, alive and from her heart about Woman and Professionalism, Statistics, Society, Discrimination and Power. They both were present cheerful, scientific, deep, impressive, ... Mrs Dammann received the 10. Mestemacher Award and dedicated it to the Nuesslein Foundation. Pictures thanks to © Baganz.

Afterward we had a full programme discussin the Future of the BERLIN CASTLE and the HUMBOLDT FORUM "SCHLOSS". A very controversial ongoing matter here in Berlin. More later - maybe in-between check this earlier entry at QUERGEIST: [link]


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