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 RECIPES FOR SURVIVAL -30 years physicians & physicsts for Peace / against War
picture picture 17 Sep 2011 @ 10:33, by Heiner Benking

Presently revisting milestones from 30 years IPPNW. Gottstein and Horst-Eberhard Richter were a moment talking I strongly recommend to check the programme and website.
Stories from Cold War are most appaling and some sound funny when looking back, having survived..

Me representing at this event the COUNCIL ON GLOBAL ISSUES [link] and so closely linked in Toronto to Science for Peace, Pugwash,... and naturally the Tagore Einstein Council [link] where we are celebrating this year another Peace make Rabindranath Tagore and his young friends and collegues long ago, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi.
I see members of the VDW and Pugwash and feel at home, even when not a physician - more a geophysician - geoscientist also dome some years geophysics at the University Hamburg in the early 70ies. I even call myself in the late 70ies a GeoPhysician - everybody understood - only some very educated native English people smiled - some arrogsantly - none explained that that this would mean working on the body of the Earth, not the Body of Humans or "Living Things". In retrospect after now 30 years still feel like a geophysician sometimes, just working on other scales and prefer to use the old world Geognostic - see the wholeness seminar where look more into Eidetics and Holism. Maybe start with reading about Jan Christian Smuts and Ralph G.H. Siu to widen the horizons to help us understand what is at stake....

today we face exactly the same challenges between worlds - more South-North and not cold war East-West, but times changes as do the directions at the windrose..... what is needed is a new kind of compass and gyros, nes Pilots (Lotsen), Captains, and Sailors to new shores - but also New Encyclopedists I covered elsewhere....

Please also see my question to Horst-Eberhard Richter and the hand-out at IPPNW in 2003. Increasing the Horizon and Compassion and reducing the Suffering in the World. [link] see also the 2011: Ignorance and Comapssion link summarizing publications and lectures over the last 8+ years: [link]
and the Tschernobyl and Fukushima links on this blog
[link] - [link]


Bernard LOWN: [link] The lost Art of Healing [link]

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