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 Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui in Berlin - High Commision Tunesia
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We have a "blind date" with Mokhtar YAHYAOUI, it was a thrilling, exciting and exhausting week preparing for a stranger on short notice, someone we only knew through "friends of friends", telephone, e-mails, web-sites and study - see his PROFILE:

He was at the time we had in mind for the Salon at CHATHAM HOUSE in London - so that has set the grid ! His visit was to replace on last minute the visit of Alexander Christakis as his trip was not financed [link]
- such is life...

YAHYAOUI, now member of the HIGH COMMISSION for the comming elections is someone who thanks AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. and the UN HUman Rights Council a lot and showed personal integrity and daring ! So why not invite him? check:.

He is invited for our ANNA-LINDH SALON here in BERLIN - See documentation of the dialogues, a weeks programme in berlin and links to radio and TV: description [link] thanks to the programme Believe-dialogue-act-citizenship as recently launched: description [link] as part of the Anna-Lindh-Foundation

Some 2nd Salons will take place June 17-24 with a special guest from Tunis, Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui.We will need to remember the 10th Anniversary of maybe the most critical letter he wrote in is life on July 6, 2001 to his president Ben Ali ….. and see what it has to do with the Elections in Tunesia this autumn…. See High Commission and latest news here. See also his Chatham House presentation from London 4 weeks ago. [link] and his Profile/Articles in French (PDF)

This is the official annoncement by the German Anna-Lindh-Network in the context of the Anna-Lindh-Foundation Alexandria travel support programme, as part of: „Believe in Dialogue – Act for Citizenship“.

Please ask for the lecture programme between June 17-24 in Berlin and Hamburg – later Paris.

I recommend: German Arab Friendship Society event Thursday, June 23, 18:30 hrs in Berlin and the PRESS CONFERENCE June 22

Please do check the German network of the ANNA-LINDH-FOUNDATION [link]
and the SALON ANNA-LINDH-SALON created by Positive Nett-Works, a Member of the German network.

The BELIEVE IN DIALOGUE - ACT FOR CITIZENSHIP initiative has in TUNIS these three tracks:
* Creativity for Change: Culture and Artistic Expression
* Spreading Ideas: Global and Social Media for Social Expression
* Spaces for Participation: Civil Society Development, Dialogue and Tools for Citizenship

Find out more at: [link]
and see below some context..

I see these themes as follow-up of the 1001 Actions for Dialogue and 10 001 Seeds of Change we participated in over the years around the Anna-Lindh-Foundation. I will sum-up the lineage and some outlooks here. [link]

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