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 Wilhelm Ripl - Water and Ecology - finally in our German
picture 1 May 2011 @ 12:49, by Heiner Benking

In a 90 minutes Interview in our German radio presents the work of Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Ripl. [link] He is critical about our society, climate sciences, agriculture, infrastructure, ..... and what their impact is on social and cultural coherence and the ruling compact.
I have covered him in my presentations in Geneva at the GYC 2010 [link] and GYC 2011 [link] but it needs such public radio to bring such climate and society issues into the public descourse.
He speaks about the water cycle and humidity, systems sciences, cycle economy, urban farming, ... all very relevant and critical. All covered in many entries in this blog below. See Intelligent Water and other recent entries: [link]
Maybe start here:
[link] or here: [link]
He is like Klaus Töpfer seeing CO2 as an asset - not as a waste !! So see what I wrote at the COP-15 UN Climate Summit, see 3 entries, scroll up: [link]
and and. Besides he is a very nice guy !
Please check his work and website: [link]
and come back as my topic is CULTURE-AGRICULTURE opening the Tagore exhibition tonight.

Willy Ripl has just returned from Australia. I recommend his Natural Sequence Farming presentation
The ABC's Australian Story for the first time ever, produced, a 3rd and 4th episode about Peter Andrews and his Natural Sequence Farming process. ...

and some earlier presentaions: Defining the Science and - Natural Sequence Farming
Defining Natural Sequence Farming. Prof Wilhelm Ripl, Dr Jan Pokorny, Prof Haikai Tane. The role of biodiversity and the water cycle in the ...

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