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 The Nuclear Free Future Award - IPPNW & 25 years Tschernobyl
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here about the PPN congress - 25 years Chernobyl - [link]

First more about the The Nuclear Free Future Award:
Founded by Claus Biegert in 1997 in the follow-up of the remarkable World Uranium Hearing in Salzburg (Austria) in 1992, the Nuclear Free Future Award, all thanks to the Franz Moll Foundation for the Coming Generations, and not let us forget Robert Jungk !!

The Award is annually honouring people of outstanding influence and action for the abolishment of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology worldwide. The initiative is committed to the health and cultural integrity of indigenous peoples, whose land and most holy places are getting destroyed through uranium mining and radioactive dust and waste.
[link] - [link]
As we are not only about to revisit 25 years Tschernobly - see IPPNW - – [link]
and see Culture of Remembering Eye-Witnnesses and the impressing exhibition last week: [link] - so let us go towards what we have seen and experienced and in quoting: "What the eyes doesn't see, the heart does not crave for" on how to make the intangible real and alife.. curious? maybe start here: [link] (PDF) and a rough first translation of the HOUSE OF EYES - TO SEE with OTHER EYES: Mit anderen Augen sehen – Ein Welthaus verbindet Wirklichkeiten - online and as pdf - [link]
see more at [MORE] below:

It might be good to revisit first the WORLD URANIUM HEARING. [link] or what Science for Peace etc. means to Canadian.... check [link]
and the Equinox Earth Day celebration last week with Japanese Friendship Society at the Peace Bell doing our annual minutes for Peace this time in Geneva at the UN campus: [link]

Sitting in the Caucus of the UN – ECOSOC indigenous people – beside youth, environment, peace, rights,… the issues are relevant and appealing, but who is listening and who feels concerned and bridges issues and voices!

Good topics for 30 years IPPN - HIROSHIMA and FUKUSHIMA - the Responisibiloity of Physicians Then and Today - save the date - Berlin 16-18. September 2011 with the headline NUCLEAR MENACE IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION.

As we speak above about the WORLD URANIUM Hearing we can wonder what is a Hearing and how could DEMOCRACY look like, as many issues are not on the table and only in hindsight with unknown outline and no overview. So one question could be: Which scales, proportions consequences are involved, is unity in diversity achievable?, and how do we secure not only requisite variety (more on systemic laws and the 21stCentury Agora: here and here
But also w can ask: What is the common good - and can we even speak about a "common bad"? more on Elinor Ostrom to set here the stage for what I mean can be found here: (Nobel Peace laureats gathering 2 years ago here in berlin, right efore she received the Nobel Prize in Economics for her 30 years professional achievements... See Elinore's quest (slide 3):

I have heard Claus Biegert often talking of his “BOARD OF LISTENERS” – so his learnings of a vibrant, baffling intensive dialog method, we did with him in 1995, comes to mind…. See Claus and Luise Rinser and others here: already in 1995: [link]

So where are we now in view of Fukushima and Tschernobyl, can we put into perspective, including proportions and consequences ? – consider Ignorance and Compassion - [link]
and revisit the scales of times, space, and subjects/issues/scales involved?

A HEARING we expect again needs to include the voices of stakeholders, not just drivers, observers. So maybe we should revisit the Indian Opportunities or Maori Opportunities views on the matter and how originally the Club of Rome had in Mind in the late 60ies, early 70ies to include not only prognostic, but also normative and participatory shared and deliberated futures. See Structured Dialogic Design used my American Indians not only to relate between tribes, but in relation with other legislative requests. See LaDonna Harris, Margaret Mead and Alexander Christakis

Hans Jonas wrote about Ethics with Space and Time Horizon making up a much needed “new” ethics, so were are the requested Antenna for time and change by Gregory Bateson? What is the kind of Hearing we need to communicate about the Infliction of Suffering? I can only recommend PANETICS as an art of governance and this link (only in German) – bridging Richter and Siu: / Suffering – Compassion [link]

Checking the amount of Suffering involved over generations is the issues for hopefully future hearings. So we wonder who will get the NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE AWARD this year and possible futures to come !!!
More later: after the ceremony….

Meanwhile I recommend Science for Peace, - even Atoms for Peace - and Culture of Peace - see the COUNCIL ON GLOBAL ISSUES. and out Peace euinox Earth Day event lst wee in Geneva:

Where I am in this? I struggle for Compassion in a field of Ignorance. See this new book on Ecological Awareness, Bridging [link]

or old "maps" and insights around impact and fall-out mapping 25 years ago ... [link]

So – maybe more later…..
hastily, HEiner

revisiting the title:
The Nuclear Free Future Award - People which help us to see/open our eyes ---- I feel touched – maybe check this later - one day.. HAGIA CHORA – open new eyes - [link]
- and maybe new shared - maybe extra - positions and perspectives:

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